Splashtop 2 HD For Android Remote Desktop App Now Available For Free – Limited Time Offer

If you’re looking for the fastest remote desktoping to access your Windows and Mac from your tablets? Here’s Splashtop 2 HD introduced by the company to the masses. Ever since this has been an integral part of computing, while on Android tablets have made this practice a whole lot easier.

With over 7 million users accessing their desktops remotely, Splashtop 2 HD brings a newly refined UI and promises to be more faster and secure than ever before. When you think about the quality of remote desktop apps for mobile platform varies as much the prices do, and however there are various other applications available for both iOS and Android, only some can worth more considering.

Like Splashtop falls in the said list of remote access apps and following the success of the first edition, Splashtop 2 HD has just been released for those running an Android device. With a better user interface it’s by its creators as being the smoothest and more secured edition yet.

This is the one with a great deal easier to use than ever before, comes with pinch to zoom capability, hardware acceleration optimization, wake-on-LAN (WoL) and 3G/4G support with the paid Anywhere Access Pack. For a limited time, Splashtop 2 HD is available as a free download, but it’s not really a full-featured version and only applicable to the basic version, which is somewhat restricted. Means! below!

“The access the basic version allows for is up-to two systems over your local Wi-Fi. In order to make use the truly remote desktop options you’ll need to add the Anywhere Access Pack that is available for $0.99 USD per month or $9.99 USD per year.”

The free version works pretty well with Windows 7, Vista and XP as well as Mac OS X 10.6, and in need of a remote desktop solution, it’s worth looking into as a viable solution. If you’re looking for a decent remote desktop app, Splashtop 2 HD could well be your perfect solution.

Splashtop 2 HD can be used to do anything from viewing and editing files, to catching HD movies and playing some of your favorite gaming titles. Compatible for devices running Android 3.1 and up, you can grab it via the link provided at the bottom of this post.

The upgraded HD app has an easy-to-use interface and has been optimized for new hardware features, such as HD resolutions. Splashtop 2 HD supports up to 30 frames per second of streaming and sub-30-millisecond latency, providing for smooth video and responsive gaming experience. The app has self-optimizing technology that adapts to the conditions of the network, enabling the user to take full advantage of the bandwidth of a 3G/4G network or Internet connection. In addition to protecting user data through its proprietary Bridging Cloud, Splashtop deploys industry-standard encryption technology to maintain a high level of security.

Download Splashtop 2 HD for Android [Google Play link]