Spike Is The Best iPhone Physical Keyboard Case Delivers Impressive BlackBerry Style Keys

Today we are going to talk about Apple that rumored to introduce an iPhone with a physical keyboard over the years. The latest one surfaced in February last year when a Taiwaniese blog claimed that an iPhone 5 (released as the iPhone 4S) with a slide-out physical keyboard was being tested.

Now for that prototype which never made its way to the final release and while Apple never released an iPhone with a physical keyboard, regarding Steve Jobs spoken about it in the original iPhone keynote in 2007, that because of bulky, waste screen real-estate and, as a consequence, result in a very rigid user interface.

In my point of view, the iPhone lacks a physical keyboard, but it doesn’t have to. Stll, there hasn’t stopped third-parties from working on making an add-on physical keyboard for the iPhone. You have been seeing accessories like in the form of cases, docks such as Keyboard Buddy Case, 4iThumbs, the full size iTYPE and the conceptual, inspired by iPad 2 Smart Cover SmartKeyboard. We have got an amazing attempted at creating the perfect aftermarket iPhone keyboard from Kickstarter. Check this out after this jump!

Users who need a physical keyboard to feel at home need to check out the Spike iPhone case on Kickstarter. The fixer accessory came with awesome features and many more delivering BlackBerry style keys with it.

The new series of physical keyboard is called Spike, developed and designed by SoloMatrix, and they are available in three different models, varying in the type of material used and the way they fold away after the user is done using them.

The Spike cases add a physical keyboard to the iPhone without covering up the screen all the time or requiring users to add an incredibly bulky Bluetooth keyboard.

The solution they came up with was to make the keyboard a part of the protective case. The father son team brings years of keyboard creating experience to the project and a number of working prototypes shown off in the Kickstarter video below.

Well, the Spike 1 is a keyboard case that switches between a physical keyboard and a full open screen such like many battery cases allow users to remove the phone. The Spike 1’s keyboard is rotated to back (leaving a bump on the back) while the Spike 2’s keyboard handily becomes flush with the back.

By combining the keyboard with a protective case and promising a price-point in the similar range as the majority of an ordinary iPhone cases, SoloMatrix’s Spike will undoubtfully appeal to those of you have fat thumbs and are left in wanted BlackBerry-like keyboard experience. This two-part case is on Kickstarter for $25 with a retail of $35 when it launches.

While the Spike 2 is a more advanced option that includes a keyboard that swivels from the front of the iPhone to the back when not in use. This is the prime version with a Kickstarter version available for $40 for early birds and $50 after that. The Spike 2 will retail for $60.

The Spike iPhone keyboard cases use a keyboard that fits right over the on-screen keyboard, instead of other iPhone Keyboard case options. That means users will not gain any screen space, and those who want more accurate on the keyboard on iPhone, this accessory can really help them and differenciate between using BlackBerry and an iPhone. Take a look at the Spike physical keyboard attached to the iPhone below.

Remind you, Spike is a Kickstarter project which means SoloMatrix need both moral and financial support. As of typing, they have 135 backers who have pledged more than $7,000. The Spike Kickstarter campaign runs through August 11th and is looking to raise $75,000. Share it with your Facebook, Google+ and Twitter friends.