Sony Officially Announces Super Slim, Lighter PlayStation 3, Here’s What The New Redesigned PS3 Looks Like

The future belongs to the technology trends pointing the latest gadgets like smartphones/tablets and Gaming consoles like PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintendi Wii U and on. Today we are pleased to write this article about a slimmer redesigned PlayStation 3 produced by Sony Electronics. Check out the details after the jump.

Both Microsoft and Sony are the big giants competing with each other everytime introducing some amazing features to its gaming consoles and also planning to release their new next-generation versions to the world, Microsoft with its Xbox 720 and Sony with the PlayStation 4, rumored to launch in early next year. While those are speculations that can’t be considered current, they belongs to the upcoming year. But today, it happened in another manner.

Sony have risen to the challenge by taking the opportunity during their Tokyo Games Show to announce a newly redesigned PlayStation 3 that will be available almost immediately for console fans to get their hands on. Obviously no changes are made inside, though essentially packing the same power as the original console, the new PS3 is 25% lighter than the current PlayStation 3 Slim model and 50% lighter than the original model. It’s also going to consume less power than previous machines, but that detail hasn’t been released yet.

Speaking of the slimmer, is more streamlined unit available to consumers in either Charcoal Black or Classic White, with 250GB ot 500GB offering internal storage. It seems like a monumental upgrade when compared to my original PlayStation 3 that came with 60GB of storage when purchased on launch day in the United Kingdom five years ago. North American parties who are interested can get their hands on the smaller capacity unit on September 25th (my birthday) by handing over $269.99 to retailers.

The bigger and larger 500GB PlayStation 3 model will be made available at the back end of October for an additional $30 cost on to of the 250GB unit. Both these PS3 editions will be available to purchase with a limited edition offer assigned to them, with the smaller model coming with the game of the year edition of Uncharted 3 Dark’s Deception, along with a nice little $30 credit to spend on additional content for the Dust 514 game.

Note: Those who have purchased the 500GB version for $299.99 will no doubt receive Assasin’s Creed III as part of the deal, or also called offer.

Apparently that equates to $70 of value in a pack that costs $269.99. The 500GB console will be getting a $299 limited edition, which includes Assassin’s Creed 3 and 30 days of PlayStation Plus membership. All three consoles ship with a DualShock 3 controller, but Sony still isn’t including a HDMI cable and hasn’t embraced any faster wireless standards.

Sony has certainly timed the new console in order to catch the Christmas sales. As part of this new release, we could also be seeing a newly redesigned PlayStation Store being pushed out during next month. but it’s intriguing that they are limiting the storage choices by region. Apparently they don’t think a cheaper, limited storage PS3 would sell in the US.

In addition to the new 250 and 500GB models, a smaller 12GB flash memory model will also be available in certain European territories as well. Source PlayStationBlog