Sonora one of the best music player for OS X

Sonora For OS X Is The Best Alternative Music App For Mac

When we talk about Windows there are several music players available for it and while the Mac OS X lacks that becuase of its hardware and the technology used to build that great operating system. If you’re an OS X user then you would be aware of these music apps such as Enqueue and Clementine, which lately beacome the rivals to heat up with its apps that OS X has always lacked in iTunes alternatives. Sonora comes in the form of a new audio player for OS X that well focused on a different view of your album art, got rapid search of your library, and a queue-based playback though. Today we’ll talk about this Mac’s music app!

Sonora one of the best music player for OS X

Sonora is described as another amazing alternative, which aims to turn your music player from a boring spreadsheet of tracks into a beautiful layout of albums and playlists, which definetly works. With the interface having tow different panes, for a list of your artist on the left and a big, artwork focused list of albums on the left, sorted by artist, most recently played or added. Simply by double-clicking on an album to see its exact tracks reveals listing as popover, even you can play the album all at once or drag songs into a queue at the top of the window or rearrange them or remove all the playlsit by dragging them out. After that saving it as a playlist, if you want’s it to be.

The Sonora probably be nothing without any advanaced features like one-hotkey searches. support for OGG and FLAC or scrobbling, and the ability to sync with your iTunes Library for the best result. Since its not able to get sync support to iOS devices yet.

Thinking to get Sonora ‘s music player for OS X, that’s now available at $9.99 on the Mac App Store. Before purchasing this app you can make a try with its offering 14 day trail on their website, then you can buy it if you agree that its the top music app for your Mac system.

For more details on Sonora a beautiful music player for your OS X that even puts your artwork front and center from hitting this link of official Sonora website.