See Web Pages in 3D with Tilt Firefox Extension

What is Tilt? Tilt is a Firefox add-on for experimental use to see web pages in 3D. How to Install Tilt? Download the tilt.xpi file to your desktop and simply drag it to your Firefox browser to complete the installation.
See Web Pages in 3D with Tilt Firefox Extension
When you want to see a webpage in 3D, Activate 3D Navigation Controls by pressing the CTRL+SHIFT+M and use the mouse or arrow keys to Zoom or Pan or Rotate the web page in any direction. When you rotate the web pageby 180°, you can see how a web page looks from behind if it were printed on a transparent glass.

More About Tilt: Tilt firefox extension lets you visualize any web page DOM Tree in 3D .It was developed by Victor Porof, along with Cedric Viver and Rob Campbell, that started as an Google summer of Code project and became an active Developers Tools Project.

Tilt add-on can read the HTML structure of the page and turns all DIV layers, ULs and other tags into 3D stacks, that add virtual depth to the web page. Moreover, besides the 3D stacks, various information is available on request, regarding each node’s type, id, class, or other attributes if available, providing a way to inspect (and edit) the inner HTML and other properties.

Source code of Tilt is now available for Download from Github.

Important Note: Tilt Firefox Add-on is available for Firefox 3.6.18 or later versions.

Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper – A Recovery Tool for Infected PC

Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Beta is a recovery tool introduced by Microsoft which helps you in identifying and removing malware from your PC by pervforming a offline scan. Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper can also be used when you are unable to start or install an anti-virus on your PC.This tool can also be used to remove virus and malware that are unidentified by your anti-virus.


Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Tool
Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper tool is available for 32-bit as well as 64-bit Windows Operating Systems. It is a standalone portable tool and hence no installation is required. Download beta version of the Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper tool from Microsoft and run it. It will ask you to enter a CD, DVD or an USB drive.Do so and run the tool.It creates a bootable media required to run the recovery tool on your computer. You can also create an ISO image of the Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Tool.


Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Tool


Important Note : Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper is not a replacement for an anti-virus like Microsoft Safety Scanner, but is a security software like Microsoft Security Essentials.

Microsoft Offers Safety Scanner for Free – Download

About Microsoft Safety Scanner : To remove Virus, Spyware and other Malicious Software, Microsoft has developed a Security Tool – Microsoft Safety Scanner, that provides on-demand scanning and helps for free. Microsoft provides this Security Tool for Download Free of Cost. Another notable feature in MS Safety Scanner is that it works along with your existing Anti-Virus Software.

Microsoft Security Scanner

Important Note : Actually, Microsoft Safety Scanner expires 10 days After Download and to rerun a scan with the latest Anti-Malware definitions, just Download Microsoft Safety Scanner and run Again.

My Opinion About Microsoft Safety Scanner :

I tried MS Safety Scanner. It is better(not so perfect). It was able to detect some malicious software (which were not detected by other security tools) running on my PC and get them fixed. Microsoft provides an executable file for download and so installation and setup are not required. It is tidious to download the updates for MS Safety Scanner as you have to download the complete 70+ MB file every 10 days.

The Options availbale for Scan are:

* Quick scan – Likely spots that malware might be lurking
* Full scan – Whole system … just in case
* Customized scan – Scan a specific folder

Microsoft Security Scanner - 2

DrawBacks of MS Safety Scanner :

* There are no updates provided for the tool – you have to redownload the package
* The download is only valid for 10 days, after which you have to redownload the package
* The progress bar seems to mean nothing

Now you can visit this Microsoft link to Download the Safety Scanner and use this on your system with 32-bit or 64-bit.