Skype Rolls Out Video Messages For OS X, iPhone And Android Uesrs

Being a genuine user of Skype, you have been running into the hurdle of reaching a user when they are offline. By sending SMS messages often does the trick, sometimes a video message is just more evident. The good news is that now Skype has started rolling out this convenient feature in the form of an update for its Mac, iPhone and Android client, with support for other platforms such as Microsoft’s Windows coming pretty soon.

Recorded video messages can be up to 3 minutes long, and don’t even expect to be able to send over long stories to your friends: this feature is for short messages only.

For Mac users, this new feature is simply awesome, adds a new “Send Video Message” option – bringing users to a familiar camera screen with a record button at the bottom, as well as Cancel and Send options included; while the implementation varies from device to device but it largely remains consistant. On the Macs as well, and presumably on Windows and other desktop platforms once they are supported, it lets you save received video messahes as standard MP4 files.


It looks like Microsoft, the acquirer company of Skype, was unable to ready a Windows release at the same time as rival platforms such as OS X and iOS. Howeever, the Windows support is in its way, though no specific timeframe is allotted, according to the company’s spokesmen:

“We’ll let you know when we expand the service to the platform.”

The catch is this feature is only made available for users in the US and the UK, of course a greater roll out to more countries will take place soon, according to the company. If you’re using OS X, iOS or Android, you can give a try new feature today by downloading the last version of the software. Includes some bug fixes and small user interface enhancements.

Skype Video Messages Gives You Visual Voicemail

Currently it’s cost for the service is nothing, as least for the first 2o0 messages you send out, Skype has hinted that it will be charging for this service in the coming future. This is a great improvement competing Facebook’s video chat and putting such amount of infrastructure needed to be put in a place in order to achieve Video Messages up and running is understandable. (via TheVerge)