Turn Your iPhone And iPad Into A Multi-Language Translator Using The SayHi Translate App

If you are facing language problems in new areas when you visit different places in the world, even though the globe is becoming smaller to say hi to people around in different languages and in such conditions you’re speechless.¬† Then you will be needing a translator! Here’s the best answer for that, if you have an iPhone 4S or iPad 2 then you can easily get rid of those problems by using SayHi Translate Application.

This multi-language SayHi Translate app amazingly supports 23 languages like British, Spanish and Mandarin and other languages. While other translators don’t support those of them.¬†This Translator from SayHi is an universal app designed specially for the iOS devices as said above that allows users to dictate a word or a phrase in your own language then it translates it in to your selected language.

If you want to own this SayHi Translator iOS app you have to spend $2.99. It is your own decision to take advantage of this paid app or a free app but before you take any decision just think of its 23 languages translating support and easy user interface. Think you have downloaded and installed on your iOS device and tablet.

Then get ready to turn your iPhone or iPad into a multi-language translator and break down language barriers simply by using the SayHi Translate app which is now available directly from the App Store. Experience it!

Download SayHi Translate for iPhone and iPad [iTunes Link]