Samsung Rumored To Unveil Galaxy S4 At CES 2013 In January? [VIDEO]

The South Korean giant, Samsung unveiled Galaxy S III to the world 7 months ago, today it still remains as one of the popular Android-powered devices on the market and has also managed to do its best job in succeeding Samsung’s previous S II model which is still a firm favorite in the Android community. Samsung Tomorrow has some reports regarding to the next big product launch – the Samsung is all set to make a Galaxy S4 announcement early next year during the CES trade show that is being confirmed on January 8th – 11th.

About the new smartphone from the company is planned, according to the official Samsung Tomorrow blog has gone live with a teasing post stating that we should all be getting overselves ready for January 8th – 11th, which surely can’t be a coincidence that the Consumer Electronics Show is being held at exactly the same time. The few lines of teasing text in the post is associated by a short eighteen second video clip, as what you expect, it doesn’t actually give anything away regarding what the company is likely to unveil early next year.

Rumors and speculations make the upcoming product active and emerging regarding the potential announcement and launch date of the next generation Galaxy S smartphone isn’t the first time. It has proven that Samsung intended to make use of Mobile World Congress gathering in February to lift the covers off the Galaxy S4, but this teaser blog post is possibly the strongest hint yet that they have scrapped that idea in favor of 2013’s start as they mean to go on with a large portion and exciting announcement.

Well, about what consumers can get with the newer device and not exactly sure on what consumers can really expecting from the Galaxy S4, but we have heard some speculation suggesting that Samsung has been working with their partners on creating a fourthly device that has an almost unbreakable display, however we aren’t sure how that would be received with customers, it might be preferring the actual shell of the device to be a little more robust rather than lavishing attention onto the display, bendable, trim-able. Regardless of time frames and potential specifications the Galaxy S VI (S4) is sure to continue the success trend that the S II and S3 have started. What Samsung has got in store for us?

So, the purported or alleged Galaxy S4 from Samsung is going to enter the powerful Android market in January 2013? What do you think about it, can it make the success all the way? (source SamsungTomorrow)