Samsung Music Hub is a subscription based music service launched with Galaxy S III

Samsung To Take On Spotify / iTunes, Launches Its Music Hub Service On The Galaxy S III

According to these reports, Samsung the south Korean phone maker revealed that rather it might bring the Music Hub app to the iPhone and to compete with its music streaming rival Spotify, the company just unveiled it is launching its own cloud storage music service with its batches of the newly released Galaxy S III that went sale today in 28 countries worldwide and will be made available in more than 145 countries by July 2012.

This Samsung’s iTunes rival debut Galaxy S III earlier today, Music Hub is based on the technology of music streaming service Mspot and sees Samsung bringing out its iTunes competitor. While the service is home filled with 19 million songs, smashing Spotify’s 17 million, and offers users an iTunes Match style service along with 100GB of cloud storage though.

Samsung Music Hub is a subscription based music service launched with Galaxy S III

Anyone purchased Galaxy S III, won’t only receive the best Android smartphone to date, but also gain access to Samsung’s brand new Music Hub service integrated. Becoming the best rival with the services like Spotify, Rdio, iTunes and more, Samsung Music Hub not only allows users to take their tracks to the cloud, but also getting that full unlimited streaming action for millions of songs available in storage.

While this new Music Hub makes its way to the Galaxy S3, but it will be rolled out to other Samsung-based devices later this year. The Music Hub can be used simply to buy music from 7digital. First of all you have to sign up to its new subscription service and its not a free offer, just pay €9.99 (approx. $12.50/£8), and that’s when things really interesting.

Samsung said about its larger music catalogue and capability to let users create personalized radio stations.

We have 19 million songs, Spotify has 17 [million]. That gives us an immediate advantage,” he said. “We also offer a radio service similar to Pandora, a feature Spotify doesn’t have at all.”

Using this Music Hub service on your Galaxy device, you can not only gain access to unlimited music streaming, but also be able to send your entire favorite music library to the cloud so that you can access every single track you own wherever you might like it, similar to iTunes Match service in iPhone.

all-in-one mobile music service,' the Samsung Music Hub has now gone live.

Note: It doesn’t actually uploadf every single one of your tracks to the cloud storage. Like iTunes Match, its simply scans your library and then matches each of your songs to those already stored in Music Hub, only those uploaded which are there before.

Interested can grab Galaxy S III and comment on this new Samsung’s Music Hub rival against Spotify and the iTunes, and now its great to see an iTunes Match competitor for Android owners with this simple service. Via