Samsung Launches Black Galaxy S III Soon, According To Carphone Warhouse’s Internal System

If you aren’t happy with the color options that Samsung provided you as white and pebble blue for its latest Galaxy S III smartphone, then you have a chance to get another black option now in coming days. Details after this jump!

The Samsung Galaxy S III was one of the high-end Android releases of this year, but the final design of the device that disturbed numerous owners and which was not made available to purchase the handset in back color. However, now with added vendors alter and push out various colors along the way, while the black variant of the device had been a standard feature of both the original Galaxy S and its predecessor, mots popular Galaxy S II as iPhone 4/4S rival.

Black or white, color variants are the Apple’s trademark, and any black device was not released against lawsuit. The discussions points to this whereas the Cupertino company has launch a string of patent infringement claims against its main rival, and it was also though that Galaxy S III was perectly designed was essential by lawyers. Black is the color that no one can be owned though, Apple doesn’t owned it, but by offering devices dissimilar in color to Apple’s largest-selling and most prevalent device (black iPhone/white iPhone), this would be the reason why Samsung doesn’t pushed the black Galaxy S III to the market. Just kidding!

Now an internal screenshot from UK retailer Carphone Warehouse that appears to show a listing for a black version of the Galaxy S III could soon be a reality.

We are sure why Samsung launched its Android smartdevice with an alternative colors like red, white and “pebble blue”, while the S III suffers without a back device.It looks like it confirms the black Galaxy S III that appeared prematurely on Samsung’s Facebook page. It looked black but many believed that it could just be the pebble blue Galaxy S III.

Note: Carphone Warehouse is based in the UK, it’s impossible to say whether or not the black Galaxy S III will be rolling out to American carriers.

The device sports a massive HD screen, speedy processor, 4G LTE speeds on every carrier but T-Mobile, good cameras and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Update to the latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is on its way to Galaxy S III, considering a black one would be better. Via AndroidPolice