Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch Event Confirmed For March 14th, Goes On Sale From April!

Finally after much speculations, Samsung Electronics today confirmed that they are ready to unveil it’s next-generation Galaxy device to the world. The company is expected to issue invitations this morning to a ‘Samsung Unpacked’ event in New York next month. Though the tech-related world has been discussing the potential asthetics and technical specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S IV for some time, with that the South Korean company confirming that a dedicated event will be held on March 14th to announce the device.

Samsung has already introduced its 8-inch Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet to the world, and with the current-generation Galaxy S III device has been supremely successful in the smartphone market, now the company’s yearly Galaxy release schedule means that the time has come to reveal the S III’s successor. With the dedicated event all set to held in New York City, which is a location that falls in the line with previous statements from Samsung’s JK Shin who has gone on record at the Mobile World Congress conference to comment that this company will hold a special event in The Big Apple.

Samsung is ready and hoping that they can capitalize on the current excitement and popularity that surrounds their best Android powered hardware. And the spokeswoman for Samsung Electronics – Chenny Kim – who notes that the announcement of the Galaxy S IV is the first to be held in the United States in the last three years. Previous launches were made in European destinations, but now it seems that Samsung have pegged under the pressure from US based mobile networks to hold event in America this time around.

Although both the event and the phone’s update is not officially confirmed yet by the company. Samsung might not be sending the invitations already because of the MWC 2013 event, after which the actual invites could be sent for the event. However, it is largely unknown what consumers should expect from the next-generation Galaxy device. But it said that Samsung will be unveiling a device that doesn’t hugely deviate from the form-factor that we have become used in previous models. Rumored that the S4 device is expecting to see an improved display with a higher-resolution camera than found on previous models as well as the inclusion of a quad-core processor to give the handset the taste it will need to reign supreme at the top of the mobile charts.

According to the sources, who also said that the phone would go on sale from early April, and Europe would be the first and foremost to receive the official device, followed by the Asian countries and the US, Australia and African markets will have to wait until May / June for the availability.

The teasing images that Samsung have released for the Unpacked event carry the “Ready 4 the show” tagline, with the text pretty much confirming that the company’s marketing department haven’t taken the decision to get creative with the device name. It’s been confirmed that Samsung is working on a couple new devices, and the next flagship device from them would be the GT-I9500 model, and this probably should be the Galaxy S IV as the Galaxy Note that is being worked on, would be the GT-I5100.


Samsung have a better range of popular devices with the Galaxy S Series, so there isn’t a great deal of incentive to step away from the tried and tested. Interesting to see whether the phone would have the Android or TIZEN OS in it, and if its TIZEN, that should be the first handset from Samsung having the new interface. (Source: Samsung Mobile on Twitter)