Samsung Galaxy S IV To Feature A 28nm Quad-Core ARM15 CPU [REPORT]

Once again Samsung has rumored to be planning to produce a new Galaxy S handset that now reportedly uses an Exynos 5 chipset should come with no surprise. While Samsung is pretty happy with its smartphone industry at the moment, the Galaxy S II first series of high-end devices, makes huge earnings and the next one would be the Galaxy S III, similarly targeted the world with huge gesture-based features, a few weeks ago launched it smaller version of Galaxy S3 mini to the world. Currently it looks like the Galaxy S IV speculation is starting to surface.

Reports coming directly from the South Korea are targeting directly on Samsung’s next flagship Android device and rumors suggesting that it could come with powered by a quad core monster of a processor that is currently undergoing stringent testing over at Samsung headquarters. Which goes like this about, Samsung Exynos processor that will go inside Galaxy S4, codenamed “Adonis”. It’s a quad-core ARM15 CPU, which is based on 28nm manufacturing technology that Sammy is perfecting at the moment.

The reports are also suggesting that the chipset could be a 28nm ARM15 System-on-Chip that has been given the internal codename of “Adonis”. Samsung is running test batches of Exynos Adonis 28nm application processor right now, and has it scheduled for mass production in the first quarter of next year.  The introduction of the next-generation Galaxy S device, but with conjecture suggesting that the chip could go into production at the beginning of 2013, which could be possible that we will see the S IV announced around May of next year.

While the release date is speculative but would fit in nicely with their tradition of releasing one major flagship device annually, and the Galaxy S IV will be the next?

Currently, S III model has proven itself as the most popular smartphones still flying off the shelves and recent earnings reports and it is reasonable to assume that the SGS IV would take that experience to the next level with advanced hardware and the next-generation of the Android mobile operating system. Stay tuned, so that we can share you more about the new Samsung’s Galaxy S IV in the future as a rumor or if any information leaks out as they filter though. (via UnwiredView)