Samsung Galaxy S III Will Be The First Device To Get Quick Tap Contactless Mobile Payment System

Considering Samsung’s Android-based smartphone has made its way in the top list of mobile platform over the past few years and have the public reputation somewhat trashed, but I am a big fan of South Korean electronics iterations in which they produce some great and popular devices, that are in some cases, ahead of the competition in the industry. After the legal proceeding with Apple, Samsung forced to pay some billions and surrounding Apple’s request to have specific devices banned in the United States, but that over now, and here’s a good news on the horizon for Samsung Galaxy S III owners.

Orange being one of the world’s largest network provider, has partnered with the financial might might of Barclaycard to announce that the extremely popular Galaxy S III will be the first Android device to offer a contactless payment solution to technology-oriantated consumers. With the ability of Near Field Communications (NFC) technology in the Galaxy S3 makes the functionality possible, and though some corners of the tech related industry have suggested that NFC wouldn’t take off until Apple started including in their devices, it seems that Samsung could be the incentive that makes NFC a mainstream technology.

The process goes like this, owners of the Samsung Galaxy S III will be able to use an existing MasterCard or Visa credit card, or an issued debit card to load their handset up with what is essentially pre-paid credit and make payments by tapping thier handsets on a compatible electronic points for sale to pay of up to £20 by tapping their phone on NFC payment tills, in participating retail shops.

The two company’s Orange and Barclaycard behind the service, it will only be a matter of time until it actually takes off. Also planning to roll out contactless payments from this coming Wednesday, and will be offering it to existing Orange customers who opt to process an upgrade to the Galaxy S III, as well as new consumers who want to join the network. Orange considering in addition to being able to take full advantage of paying for things with a simple tap of the phone offering a £50 initial load on the smartphone to anyone who qualifies for the service between now and October 5th. Great to know about the deal!

Note: The service will be available from 5 September and new and existing Orange customers who upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S III between then and 5 October will receive £50 free on their smartphone to spend.

“We are really excited to be launching Quick Tap payments on one of the most popular smartphones of the year,”  said Simeon Bird, director of propositions, Orange UK.

“Contactless mobile payments are a secure and convenient alternative to cash and cards and we are pleased to be the first network brand in the UK to offer its customers such an innovative service.”

However the Galaxy S III is already equipped with an NFC chip, but in order to use Orange and Barclaycard’s contactless payment service customers must download the free QuickTaps app to activate the service. Via PocketLint