Samsung and Golf GameBook Team Up To Bring First Digital Scorecard

The Samsung has developed many applications for the customers and received great results of producing some best digital based media gadgets and in that Golf scorecard is one of the application developed by the South Korean electronics in collaboration with the Finald based company GOLF GAMEBOOK. It’s a free app now available at the Samsung Apps and the iTunes App Store.

The co-founder of Gamebook, Kalle Vinola told that they are very much pleased with the co-operation with Samsung and it has been great experience participating in the development of the new scorecardĀ  for all golfers. This scorecard app is based on the Galaxy Note II’s S Pen technology. An electronic scorecard can now be signed in the same manner as the traditional paper scorecard. This signing allows compatible with the official rules of golf game.

The U.S Golf market is huge – 27 million golfers out there playing 470 million rounds per year and the direct revenues are as high as 70 billion dollars annually. This extraordinary new feature makes the Golf GameBook’s Android app more special for all golfers. Using this app everyone can share their golf scoresĀ  on and off the golf course. It is like a personal game house at your pocket. More of with this app you can save your score for your self or you can share your hole-by-hole live scoring to single groups or multiple groups altogether.

Last summer Golf GameBook and Samsung co-produced and organized real-time scoring for hundreds of golf events in the Nordic countries. During these tournaments the participating players entered scores hole-by-hole using the Golf GameBook app which was installed on the latest Samsung phone models. It also provided real-time scoring for great golf legends such as Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus, as well as the British Open champion Stewart. The feedback from them are very positive.

Every time apps developed by Samsung are innovative and make people’s lives easier. If this Golf Gamebook’s Scorecard interests you, please share you thoughts and?

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  1. I’ve used that app already over 2 years and have to say I’m a huge fan. It really makes golf a lot more fun when you are able to share your scores with your golf buddies in real-time and also follow comments and leave comments yourself. Lovin that trashtalk feature. This is golfer’s Facebook people!

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