Samsung launchyes Pink Galaxy S3

Samsung Added Pink Galaxy S III To The Range, Launches In Home Market?

Hello, my name is Pinky and want to share something about the new Galaxy S III. The Korean electronics has pushed out some additional options for those who wanted to purchase their flagship Galaxy S III Android device. Samsung a few months back introduced some great alternatives in the range of colors inspired by “planet earth’s richest materials“. New handset to consumers have come out to make the best choice. Nevertheless, the Amber Brown, Garnet Red, Titanium Grey and Sapphire Black options all added a new dimension to the powerful handset.

Samsung launchyes Pink Galaxy S3

Now it looks like the company is about to add another new color variant to the Samsung Galaxy S III range, though, this one will only be available to customers who purchase the device in Korea. The caption “built for humans” is going to be getting the pale pink makeover, an addition that will see the Galaxy S III being available in seven different colors. While the original S3 was launched with only two color options, with potential purchases having to choose from the Pebble Blue option or the rather elegant looking Marble White.

Whereas the Pink stands for only females, and this powerful Android handset that matches their personality a little better than the current range that seems to reflect those who have more in common with nature. Though we got no other official confirmation about when the new Pale Pink version of the quad-core smartdevice will be available in other territories like the United States or Europe, or Samsung might be not interested in launching this, and making it available outside of Korea at all.

If you were planning on opting for the Garnet Red or Sapphire Black version, then it may be worth holding off for a little while to see if the Pale Pink version actually gets a worldwide release. Samsung’s Galaxy S3 Pink! via GSMArena