Samsung Galaxy S3 ROM leaks, S-Voice is out for download and install on all ICS running Android devices

S Voice Of Galaxy S III APK Leaks Out, Available For Download On All Android ICS Devices

After Samsung Galaxy S III announced there were lots of rumors which are based on its roaring success and its failure, when compared with some major alternative feature integrated into S3 device. As being a big fan of Samsung, I admit that its the only handset that can change the world with some innovative features against Apple and the one of the show.

Samsung Galaxy S3 ROM leaks, S-Voice is out for download and install on all ICS running Android devices

Many would be hearing about the S voice is the Samsung’s best answer to Apple’s digital assistant, Siri. The South Korean electronics simply say this is what their answer to Siri, Samsung’s fix against Apple’s major assistant, means what’s its their clone or alternative?

Few days back, Flipboard APK leaked out and was made available for all the Android devices, and today the original feature Samsung S Voice is out which could use along with many other fancy, stylish and often weird, software additions to Galaxy S III, that would help to sell the handsets, as a trick used. The problem finishes with the software leak to the internet at large like Flipboard for Android , same with S Voice now rolled out for download and install on a wide range of Android phones.

After testing S Voice on Galaxy Nexus running on latest top of Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich, and verified it carefully, its working on the said device perfectly.

According to the reports circulating that the downloadable latest S Voice version is doing well on all Android ROMs, with Custom CM9 and AOKP. If you have to test it try it on your own device for clarification.

A leaked Galaxy S III S Voice rom is out in all it's bandwidth crushing glory!

The breaking news that one of the Samsung’s crown jewels has found its way out of its palace and into the hands of the paupers will no doubt be a disappointment for those in charge at the Korean firm. With the Galaxy S III smartphone being one of the hottest device and started disappointing once it was announced, this was only major software which was being the real gem for a device that was expected to sell by the millions. This leaked S Voice APK might not change the thought of millions out there, following the fact that S Voice is now available for use on Android devices that aren’t Samsung’s latest iteration and popular.

Using this leaked S Voice can connect with any smartphone with its default language, similar to Apple’s Siri assistant. Asking your phone where a location is and having it answer back never really grows old, compared to Siri you will get the right word and these two means entirely different aspects indeed.

Download S Voice For All Android ICS Device [XDA-Developers Forum Link]