Rovio Teases The Upcoming Angry Birds Game In Action [VIDEO]

Angry Birds is one of those popular games considering over a billion of mobile downloads, that have taken gamers on to the Earth and in to the outer space. And now it appears Rovio may be flapping their way to a … race act? Being an iPhone and iPad owner, the game has single handedly managed to drive many round the bend as well as filling countless hours of the excitement that comes attached with flinging rage filled birds with varying powers at lethargic and nomadic swine. Regarding the Angry Birds franchise, it’s an undeniable fact that Rovio has enjoyed phenomenal success with the game, and if the latest teaser is anything to go by, then it looks like we could be in for another precious installment.

It will be considered after three years with countless episodes, and more than mobile boot ups, say Angry Birds is getting another new update with new levels and themes, but it’s not clear yet whether you’ll still essentially flinging birds at pigs. Whereas the site show up innocence with rather mischievous and smug little red birdie adorning the screen, but now everything changes in a flip when clicking on the naughty avian. It looks like Rovio is getting ready to flip the script a bit with its long-rumored spinoff.

Rovio has uploaded yet another new teasing video that has been given the title “Something PIC is coming” and takes us on the third-two second journey into the possible future installment of Angry Birds. Fans of the previous game sequels are pretty familiar with the art of flying varying colored birds at little green pigs that have managed to shield themselves from harm in rather filmsy and poorly constructed structures. But what about the roles, could be reversed?

After watching the video that shows a number of green pigs falling from the shy to take over the screen and suffocate the usually dominant bird. Now that gives the impression that Rovio is all set to introduce a new variant of the game that changes the roles and puts the submissive pig in the driving seat, or the catapult. But that video shown below doesn’t give any additional information. No indication of supported platforms, release dates, gameplay or even if this new creation will officially confirm to the usual Angry Birds setup that we have become acculturate to.

Check out the teaser video and see if you can find any rooting for the underdog as those little pigs gain the upper hand, and little information regarding the game on the Facebook page, other than the same “Something PIG is coming” mantra.

But given the pre-holiday release date we’ve been hearing, and the fact that Rovio is starting to heavily advertise the title, we expect that it won’t be long before it’s downloadable. A September-October release would be perfect timing, as Apple is said to be unveiling a slew of new devices starting September 12.