Here’s How To Search Instagram Photos By Location Using [IMAGES]

Considering Instagram is one of the most popular picture sharing network acquired by Facebook a few months ago and many smartphones and tablet users are becoming addicted to this social network site, but today we got something that can help you a lot about a new web-based search engine that lets you search Instagram photos by location. Check this out after the jump!

Before we get into talking about Worldcam, you have ever noticed about Google Street view? That could zoom in on map right down to street level and travel around a town or city, which was most popular feature in 2007, and now it’s standard. In the similar Google Street View fashion, the Worldcam is currently eliciting response in many. It of course uses a completely different system and shows images that are of very different manner than the panoramic vistas offered by Google.

Worldcam called itself a new photo search engine – designed by Swedish creative developers – that lets you search for Instagrm images by specified location. More of, Worldcam has been created with a very simple mission in mind  – to only help people search Instagram photos by location. Creators Oskar Sundberg and Per Stenius (along with a small team of friends) – built Worldcam using APIs from Instagram, Foursquare, Geonames, and Geoplugin – to achieve its goal.

The result is a chronologically ordered feed of the photos uploaded to Instagram tagged by location. It provides an artistic look at what people are doing all around the world, thanks to location-based services and mobile photo uploads.

Using Worldcam is pretty simple; first, type in any city in the globe. The default city will likely be your own loaction at the moment, assuming you’re not tripping up loation-based services by using a proxy server. Just type in a public address -0 parks, restaurants, plazas or apartment complexes count or other public building – now by hitting search Worldcam will display a feed of all the Instagram photos that have been tagged at that specified location. That’s it!

Check these searches I made with Worldcam to search Instagram photographs already uploaded by locations.

Worldcam is that service, using it you can explore places you’re never likely to visit. proves its usefulness and provides all those fantastic photographs uploaded on Instagram or being creative and artistic way. Finally, Worldcam offers the chance to find those epic shots of iconic buildings, and in a really simple, easy-to-use manner. Twitter And Facebook Rival Hits $500000 Target

Competition amongst smartphones and tablets along with some mobile operating systems that we heard and now, a startup promises a real-time feed that will never be supported by ads. What do you think of a Twitter and Facebook competitor like this that you have to pay for? Yes, it promises for those who hate ads. Want to know about it right now, details after this jump!

What is Don’t go to its domain, and it is not going to let you download any applications for your smartphones or tablets or even for your Windows, OS X or Linux operating systems, but it is an ad-free real-time social networking service. Dalton Caldwell, the guy behind, figured out that regular folks like you and I would be paying for this awesome service, a place where “users and developers come first, not advertisers,” is the title caption.

The startup being a real-time feed social site that will never supported by ads. Instead they’ll charge a fee that, at least for now, looks to be a $50. Continue to join, taht’s how much it took to support Kickstarter-like project to create a real-time social feed. If looking for other existing marketing tools for app developers? Please saty tuned to read the information about this service that has hit its $500,000 fundraising target.

I am not the only one to think about it, but the campaign that has netted more than $670,000 and wraps up on Monday, about 7,448 people are willing to pay $50 for the minimum fee required to post to the service, while another 2,010 payed $100 to be developers with access to back-end functionality, and another 59 payed over $1,000 for “pro tier” access which includes phone support and a personal meeting with Caldwell.

Founder and CEO Dalton Caldwell of App,net says he’s been disappointed by the advertising models of sites like Twitter and Facebook and thinks users will be willing to plunk down money for an alternative.

“”If we’re selling a service, our customers are our users and our job is to make our users happy,” he said in a video promoting the service. “If we have a free, ad-supported service, our customers are our advertisers and our job is to make our advertisers happy.

“I think that a lot of the friction we’re seeing from these disappointing services are just a reflection that all the financial incentive has to do with pleasing advertisers and not the user base.”

According to the fundraiser, $50 amounts to “pre-paying a full year of ‘member’ tier service.” Developers pay $100, and big spenders who pony up $1,000 — as of Monday morning, 60 folks had pledged that much — get developer access, phone support and a meeting with Caldwell in San Francisco.

Really want to fund Then continue to join it and make the Kickstarter like project to create your real-time social feed right now.

Microsoft Offers Safety Scanner for Free – Download

About Microsoft Safety Scanner : To remove Virus, Spyware and other Malicious Software, Microsoft has developed a Security Tool – Microsoft Safety Scanner, that provides on-demand scanning and helps for free. Microsoft provides this Security Tool for Download Free of Cost. Another notable feature in MS Safety Scanner is that it works along with your existing Anti-Virus Software.

Microsoft Security Scanner

Important Note : Actually, Microsoft Safety Scanner expires 10 days After Download and to rerun a scan with the latest Anti-Malware definitions, just Download Microsoft Safety Scanner and run Again.

My Opinion About Microsoft Safety Scanner :

I tried MS Safety Scanner. It is better(not so perfect). It was able to detect some malicious software (which were not detected by other security tools) running on my PC and get them fixed. Microsoft provides an executable file for download and so installation and setup are not required. It is tidious to download the updates for MS Safety Scanner as you have to download the complete 70+ MB file every 10 days.

The Options availbale for Scan are:

* Quick scan – Likely spots that malware might be lurking
* Full scan – Whole system … just in case
* Customized scan – Scan a specific folder

Microsoft Security Scanner - 2

DrawBacks of MS Safety Scanner :

* There are no updates provided for the tool – you have to redownload the package
* The download is only valid for 10 days, after which you have to redownload the package
* The progress bar seems to mean nothing

Now you can visit this Microsoft link to Download the Safety Scanner and use this on your system with 32-bit or 64-bit.