Resetting Network Settings May Fix iMessage Not Working On iOS 7 [How-to]

Apple’s iMessage introduced to the world with the launch of iOS 5 and on the whole, a great implementation to the iOS foil, but it hasn’t been without issues. Faced numerous cases of spam attacks along with frequent downtime periods and now, with the release of iOS 7, many users have been found that messages are not sending and received properly at all times. How to fix such problems? iMessage is normally doing its job, and if you’d like a smoother, regular service resumed on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, here are some available fixes to get rid of.

Trouble shooting, the first solution literally the best. Turning the device off and then power on agiain is the usual step, sounds a bit obvious, but many user have found that it does quite well and does the trick come true, functioning iMessage returns. Proceeding to the main solution that involves resetting network settings, from where you should try a simple power down to see whether iMessage can fix itself.


Doesn’t worked or confused, check this final steps below:

Step 1: Deactivate iMessage. By heading towards the and navigating to Messages.

Step 2: Now, reset your device’s networking settings by browsing through Settings -> General -> Reset. Notably, this will reset your Wi-Fi hotspots, so you have to go through the rather annoying process of re-entering your saved network keys.

Step 3: Next, repeat Step 1 to re-activate iMessage and lucky enough, you shouldn’t have any more issues.

Final steps are very useful and these kinds of issues are frequent in a new piece of software, and it’s never recommended to drag the Internet for solutions and fixes. Newer updates to iOS should however restore the more unique general user experience, that’s what many trust from a top-most brand company.

Note: Users complaining about reverting to standard SMS when iMessage isn’t working, the Messages app simply continues trying to send via iMessage, in return failing every time. Apple has just released the iOS 7.0.2 version update to fix the Lock Screen bug, but it continues in that as well, and Apple is on the case and working on a fix for iMessage.

Stay tuned to Vsszone for more detailed information on the next release of iOS 7.

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