Real Soccer 2013 For Android Hits The Play Store, Now Available For Download

Aware of FIFA 13? Yes it was unofficially dubbed and probably the biggest Soccer simulation franchise available to gamers, which was first launched as “FIFA Friday”. FIFA Soccer 13 was already sold in the millions for PlayStation, Xbox, and iOS this year and became the most popular scorer on the market, but it wasn’t the only soccer simulator available to purchase, and now an FIFA 13 for Android alternative, called Real Footbal 2013 series came to scene to grab some fair share of admires.

This latest version of the world’s most popular football game reached the Android, Gameloft has finally released Real Football 2013 to the Play Store and made available as a free of charge download.

The Real Soccer 2013 also offers gamers more control over what happens behind-the-scenes at their club. One can now enhance facilities, develop, hire new staff members, and other things to make the best sponsorship deals.

While the advancements EA has made with FIFA 13, we can say that’s more impressive as being a mini evolution of the current mobile soccer games, for its look and smoother streamlined console counterpart. Being an iPhone 4 user, FIFA 13 is only currently available for IOS and as such, Real Soccer 2013 is currently released only as a new Android app for this new season. Last season’s version of the game amassed over 5 million downloads.

Like the previous 2012 version of Real Soccer, the new version contains a number of in-app purchases that can be made to help you progress. When you spending more time playing the game, you’ll of course empty your pocket with large bill in process. Thank’s to Gamelosft has also retained a FIFPro license, so you won’t have to put up with ridiculous team names such as Middlebrook and Merseyside Red as you play against other Premier League sides.

So, you will also be able to view full profiles of over 3000 players from the top leagues across Europe as you play the game. With no FIFA near to Android, Real Soccer would certainly be a worthy alternative, though it doesn’t gift you any immersive and feature-rich an experience as its popular counterpart, but keeps the soccer fans more entertained on-the-fly.

Watch the real one in action and check out Real Football 2013 that landed on the Google Play Store for your Android smartphone.

Download Real Soccer 13 For Android (Google Play link)