Purported HTC One X 5-Inch Display Press Shots Surfaces Ahead Of Official Launch

Some rumors and speculations can be accurate but when talking about Apple’s new iPhone 5 it turned not, now with HTC’s One successor for its hardware could be onto a winner with one series of their pieces of integration. Since some weeks we’ve been expecting HTC to announce something bigger for a while now and have even caught the odd gesture of some prototype images that have been doing rounds over the web. A welcomed public release of the iPhone 5 at the end of this week, we can also expect hopes about a great new HTC smartphone, possibly posing the One X 5 moniker.

Today, we got something about HTC’s new iteration ups their own 5-inch phablet to hopefully take on the Galaxy Note II, LG Intution and on. A big has been brewing at HTC, most often referred to as the DLX or by its less-than-flattering 6435LVW name. A user from the Chinese micro-blogging site Sina Wibo has turned our attention to what could be possibly be an official image of the finished device, completely possible from HTC’s own press pack of the rather 5″ unit. The One X 5 name itself gives the device a little more personality, considering it has been previously known by its rather brother model number, and as the new name suggests, which falls into a larger display category with a whopping and vivid-5-inch screen that poses like the Samsung Galaxy Note phablet.

If you are a big fan of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 and LG’s Intuition, and are looking for a big 5-inch display, then you’ll be happy knowing about the HTC’s 5″ One X 5 smartphone-cum-tablet. One X 5 is the one dubbed by HTC and readying its own rival to 5-inch posers. Officially, full technical specifications of the new HTC monster aren’t yet known, but it’s liukely that it could be powered by a quad-core processor that will be certainly give users an insane amount of bang for buts.

Speaking of other features it is rumored that the main talking point of the device, the display could be a full 1080p HD inclusion which would make it the perfect device for visual medai playback. While the leaked image shows users that they can expect a device that is pretty much all about the display as well as ported with the high-quality Beats Audio technology built inside, which are usually seen on any high-end HTC devices these days.

To compete with already announced iPhone 5 due for launch on Friday of this week and the Lumia 920 PureView poser, now HTC will need to get their hands together and clap for a release to grab the market share away from Apple and Nokia. HTC with its X8 (Accord) Windows Phone 8 handset has already have a media event planned for this coming Wednesday. We could see the One X 5 monster during that event? Stay tuned!