Remove MacDefender

How to Protect Against and Remove MACDefender from Mac OS X

Before knowing how to protect against and remove MACDefender, we must know what a MACDefender is. MACDefender is a malware that disguises itself as an Anti-virus software for Mac OS X. Macdefender attempts itself to install through hijacked websites. To protect your PC from MACDefender and disable it, follow the steps below :

How to Protect Against MACDefender:

There are two ways of avoiding being affected by MACDender:

1.) If you see any “MACDefender Setup Install” wizard while browsing through the web, DO NOT INSTALL it.
Remove MacDefender
2.) Disable Automatic File Opening in Safari
Make sure that you diasble the automatic opening of files after downloading in your Safari browser.
The disabling of this option can be done as follows:
Step 1 : Open the Safari Menu and pull down Preferences(Just hit + to launch this)
Step 2 : At the bottom of the General Tab, you find “Open Safe Files After Downloading“. Just Uncheck it and the automatic file opening option is disabled.

How to Remove MACdefender from Mac OS X :

In the below three ways you can check to see if your PC has been infected with MACDefender Malware :

1.) Launch the Task Manager Tool Activity Monitor(located in /applications/Utilities) and look for If this process is found running, kill that process.
2.) Open Sytem Preferences, click on Accounts, select “Login” items tab. Now look for MacDefender entry in the list.If found, select it and press ‘-‘ to delete it from list.
3.)Open your applications folder (/Applications/) and look for MACDefender. If found delete the application.

This is how you protect against and remove MACDefender from your Mac OS X.