Google shown off how Google Project Glass works with Handouts by getting a group

Project Glasses: How The Google Glass Works With The Tech World [VIDEO]

No more discussing, this video shows how the Google Glasses would work from the point of view of a person wearing them in the real world. At Google I/O 2012 the search gaint undoubtedly highlighted the most wanted products related to software and hardware along with it showed the Google Glass demo, where the bunch of skydrivers skydiving and BMXers biking their way down to Moscone Center where the joined Google co-founder Sergey Brin to wrap up the day 1 keynote. The demonstartion was widely talked about the blogspere and on social networks like Facebook, Reddit and Twitter.

While the presentation of the video was excellent to watc, but it doesn’t exactly represent how Google Glass would be used in the routine life of your average Joe. For that, Google has released the first in a series of videos called Glass Sessions. See it after this jump!

Google shown off how Google Project Glass works with Handouts by getting a group

The video – embedded at the very end – shows Laetitia Gayno, wife of a Google employee, using Google Glass to capture and share precious moments of her daughter’s first few months. She, in the video you can watch her live streaming her Glass feed,  taking photos every now and then, and even joining a Google+ Hangout session with her husband and family. Doing pretty much everything you’d expect Glass would do at this stage.

There are many more than hundreds of blogs which is een, followed and noticed that people either really love Google Glass and can’t wait for powerful, wearable gadgets to go mainstream. You can find Glass a little scary too because of this, but it is still very exciting. I mean, come on, how can you not get excited at the prospect of having a nice heads-up display like Iron Man, Master Chief or the Goddamn Batman?

While the Google Glass isn’t yet released publicly, but US-based folks who attended the Google I/O 2012 event have the option to pre-order Google Glass Explorer Edition for $1500 that will shipped out next year 2013. The public launch is expected in the 2014 fall time frame, however its too far away.