Print AD: Choose The Best Samsung Galaxy S III Or Apple’s New iPhone 5?

No words to say right now. Apple has officially announced the details about its new iPhone and with pre-order stocks of the sixth-generation device being blowned off and looks like they once again manged to capture the attention of customers. The device particularly set to hit retail shelves on Friday September 21st. Apart this in the favor of the Apple hardware, Samsung is again messing with it and already produced an advert that openly attacks the new iPhone 5.

No way and no one really expected Apple and Samsung to become best friends and be involved in social activities. After the Korean electronics giants attacked by the Cupertino company and still licking their wounds after they were ordered to pay over $1 billion in damages to Apple following a decision made by a San Jose jury.

Jury’s apart and coming straight to the point, Samsung has taken a swiping at the iPhone 5 with a new print ad for Galaxy S III. Targeting that the S3 is more powerful than the newly unveiled iPhone 5. We except that, and particularly me, yes, I have some in my thought that the Galaxy S III is my best smartphone and iPhone 5 comes the next.

Reasons apart, the poster continues on to list of specifications of the iPhone 5 against their own flagship S III device, obviously throwing out a lot of the the more intricate inclusions of the new Apple hardware in order to make the S III look like a far more capable device.

In my part there’s no denying that the Galaxy S III is an extremely powerful option with Android as the mobile operating system. I am not saying that the Apple’s iPhone 5 isn’t, but it has more than enough, and it depends on the consumers behavior and thinking on whether taking it or not. Today’s post is only pointing why Samsung doing all these with the iPhone 5 or any other Apple product. Samsung in my thought can build even more powerful and accurate smartphones in the future.

Samsung currently exists as the world’s top smartphone vendor and have some very popular hardware available, iPhone 5 is yet another best, but not yet on hands. Want to know more about this new print ad, source: BusinessInsider.