PowerSkin PoP’n External Battery Case For iPhone 5 Debuts

The PowerSkin Pop’n is an alternative battery package just released for your iPhone 5 that sticks to the back of your iP5 device to charge on the go. Believe me, it’s a substitute for your iPhone 5 battery life, offers a strong boost of battery power. Details after the jump!

PowerSkin has revealed a new external battery that essentially charges the iPhone and available as one of the world’s first Apple-certified iPhone 5 external charging solutions, attaches to your i5 by sticking to existing cases and it can be purchased now for $79.99.


Actually this PowerSkin Pop’n external battery for iPhone 5 debuted for a good reason, which it quickly and easily attaches to your smartphone or onto existing case, that will charge other devices using micro USB ports. The case is called the PoP’n and it has a umber of suction cups on the back allowing it to stick up to the backside of your iDevice, it’s slim and secure, and even makes a POP sound when you take it off your phone when its done recharging your iPhone.

External battery chargers are available in two different variations. The first version of the case has an iPhone 5 Lightning connectors, while the other has a micro USB charger for different Android devices and other smartphones. The case is 19mm thick and measures 5 x.2.2x 0.41 inches and the battery is a 2000 mAh battery that promises to extend power upto 70%. The iPhone 5 case is offered in black and white colors right now and with pink and red versions are promised ar a later date.

If you’re willing to shell out $79.99 then this could be just what you’re looking for these days, might be a great solution. The iPhone 5 version of the case sells for $79.99 while the other version sells for $69.99.