PocketBook Reportedly To Launch An 8-Inch Color E-Ink eReader In 2013

PocketBook has announced that its planning to release a new edition of eRaader that will be posing an 8-inch with a front-lit color E Ink display. The PocketBook’s latest device has a 600 x 800 pixel screen that can display 4096 colors, and it’s due out in June, 2013.

The PocketBook revealed that the Color E-Ink displays work a lot like grayscale E ink screens, is illuminated from ambient light instead of a backlight, which saves power and helps eReader manufacturers to build devices with long battery life. The PocketBook eReader will also be equipped with a front lit screen and a capacitive touchscreen, together with Wi-Fi connectivity.

When compared to the LCD and AMOLED, or other displays, color E Ink screens doesn’t look very good, why, because the colors tend to be vanished out and the screen refresh rates lows out. PocketBookm explains a little more about the Frontlit technology inlcuded in the eReader:

Special sensory area upon a display – the first time implemented in such type of devices innovation –needs to be stressed upon. This area responds to touch, which lets you control the frontlight without rummaging in menus. Thus, all night reading fans will now be able to control the intensity of light just softly touching product’s frame.”

Means its possible that by using side-lighting, similar to the new Barnes & Nobles Nook with GlowLight and Amazon’s Kindle PaperWhite, PocketBook could have literally cast a new lighting technology on color E-Ink. So that with the bright lighting source nearby, it should be much easier to see the colors on the eReader screen.

What about the battery life, whereas with full color Android and iOS tablets offering 10 hours of more backup and selling for prices as low as $200. What’s next, could PocketBook launching an 8-inch color E-Ink devices like this upcoming eReader.

We got no official word about pricing or on worldwide availability has been released as yet by PocketBook. Soon we get something we’ll let you know through update. Stay tuned!