Plugin Firefox OS For A Spin In Your Browser With The Official Firefox OS Simulator [VIDEO]

The Mozilla team is now busy in updating and improving its admired Firefox browser, with more redundant release cycles in place to make sure it maintains competitive with the rivals like Google Chrome. Fortunately, the foundation has released version 1.0 of the Firefox OS Simulator, and by means of a blog post, Mozilla has also imported per-window private browsing through the Firefox Nightly channel.

It’s confirmed that Mozilla is in the process of building its own mobile operating system. The Linux-based OS offers an environment established on Gecko, and from what we’ve seen, looks like a combination of tow most popular mobile platforms – iOS and Android. The Firefox OS Simulator takes the form of desktop add-on, allowing developers to preview and test out the anticipated mobile offering, and it’s no secret having been released as a preview last month, is of course now offered as much more usable, less bug-riddled package. Previously, its able to take Firefox OS for a spin on your PC, Mac and Linux system, but that required some technical skills, and this just released simulator simplifies everything.

Apart of its 1.0 label, it’s important to note that, at least for the time being, the ‘preview’ moniker is staying, but don’t let that put you off trying out a simulator which now actually works rather perfectly. Interested to try it out, click on this link, download it and navigate via Tools > Web Developer > Firefox OS Simulator. Once got there, simply click “start”, and you’ll notice a pop-up window from which you can make a preview of the forthcoming Firefox OS.

The foundation that made by Mozilla is a true exemplar of what it means to continue innovating and improving products in order to remain relevant. With Google coming through with Chrome, Firefox could simply rolled over, but preferably, Mozilla has taken it to the Big G by offering a direct competition to yet another Mountain View export – Android. Firefox OS would be more excited than ever expected before.

Today, with the Firefox Nightly channel details the ability to run private windows simultaneously with open ones. If you, running Nightly builds can now open a new private window without the need to quit the current session. (via TheNextWeb / Redmondpie)