PlayStation Web Store Launched, Lets You Buy PS Games, Movies And More Directly From Store On Your Browser

The PlayStation is one of the most popular portable gaming console offered by Sony, owners have full direct access to the PlayStation Store through their gaming device, allowing them to browser, purchase and download a multitude of games, best movies and other top forms of of digital content. PlayStation Store in other words is an oline vitual market to users of Sony’s PlayStation console, now with the release that has to catch a few and come as a bit of unexpected surprise, Sony Entertainment has officially made live their web-based version of the PlayStation Store which allows consumers to all kinds of great digital goods directly from their desired web browser of choice.

The Sony’s web-based Store of PlayStation is now available to users of PlyaStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation portable game consoles through the PlayStation network. The store offers a range of downloadable content both to purchase and for free of charge. The availability of the content includes full games, add-on content, playable demos, themes and movie / game trailers. Sony’s major rival in the gaming space, Microsoft, already have the Xbox Store Live up and running, meaning that the Japanese multinational giant is playing a little bit to catch up gaming.

Apart this, they haven’t stopped users from signing in with their PlayStation Network accounts and getting to grips with some goodies which Sony has made available. The new store is going under The Sony Network name and is officially confirmed to be offering the same content and pricing layout which users have previously seen on the PlayStation Store via their consoles or through a variety of Sony’s other digital outlets.

Now, the PlayStation-bound Sony Entertainment Store has launched. The service offers the same films, TV shows and more importantly full downloads of retail games on release day as the console store. Follows similar design conventions which we are used to with stores of this nature, with main navigation links to the Games, Movie and Television sections of the store. Top rated games and movies are provided in a vertical stack down the right hand side of the site with latest releases, top sellers, best deals and offers and links to PlayStation Plus taking pride of place in the main interface area of the website.

Until now, the development of the online store which they have kept extremely private and even released it without so much as a whisper, they have been kind enough to provide direct links to reduced content to ensure customers grab themselves a bargain. Regarding that – we are testing a new web store,” PlayStation blog wrote.

“We look forward to announcing and launching to the PlayStation/Sony community shortly.” The web SEN Store also seems to be suffering from a curious omission at present, as purchases are not downloaded automatically to your console of choice even after being added to the download queue, the download still needs to be initiated manually. Otherwise, Sony’s web store looks just about ready for prime time.

Users should be able to log into the store now with existing accounts or either way use the provided links to create a new account to gain purchasing access. Just after being purchased, the content can be queued in a downloads section, and then it can be added to the PlayStation console when it’s next signed in. TV shows and movies can also be viewed directly from the purchasing computer as well as through other devices like Xperia smartphones, Sony branded tablet PCs and Sony’s PSP and Vita devices.

Finally the store has currently went online and lively available for all to visit, it seems that it is actually still under official testing with Sony promising to make more of a fuss over it in the upcoming future. Right now on the site’s homepage the company is advertising the Mass Effect Trilogy (£57.99) and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2013: Holiday Edition (£59.99).

On the upside you can nab Tokyo Jungle today for £4.67, part of Sony’s 12 Days of Christmas deal.