PlayStation 2 Game Console Is Now Discontinued, As Confirmed By Sony [REPORT]

The first PlayStation launched back in Japan during March 2000 and later worldwide following October date the same year and the PlayStation 2 console is defined a new gaming platform and that competed against the likes of Sega Dreamcast, Microsoft’s Xbox, and Nintendo CameCube. Afterwords the company released their new PlayStation series of versions as PlayStation 3 (PS3) and looking for the latest one to be called as PlayStation 4 in the coming seasons. But, today we got to hear that Sony has confirmed that the older PS2 will be discontinued for ever. Details after the jump!

Now that after PlayStation 2 selling 155 million units globally as of March 2012, Sony clarified it officially that their PS2 gaming console is discontinued worldwide.


Upto now, the most popular game for the PlayStation 2 proved to be Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas selling 17.33 million copies as of Feb 2009, with total software sales for the console of passing 1.5 billion. Although, Sony has launched a number of variations of the PlayStation 2 making it slimmer in the progression. Though, today the Guardian newspaper explains:

Its success was down to three factors: cunning design, excellent games and great timing. Sony’s decision to include a DVD player meant the machine found its way into living rooms, exposing many more to gaming. It trounced its underpowered rivals, the Nintendo GameCube and Sega Dreamcast, and became the exclusive home of must-have games such as Grand Theft Auto III, Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid – dominating an era in which developers were changing the rules of game design, crafting ambitious cinematic experiences and vast open-world adventures.


However we’re eager to see the next-gen PlayStation console from Sony which would be launched this new year as soon as it arrives with some information, we’ll let you know through the update as always. Stay tuned!