Pinterest Releases Apps For iPad And Android Tablets / Smartphones, iPhone – Download Now!

Pinterest being the most popular social networks and bookmarking services like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, now announces new apps for tablets and smartphones. Pinterest with massive following and huge traffic, with millions of Pinterest image shares and with an Alexa rank of 38 and became the worlds most fastest growing websites. Regarding to its pinboard-style photo sharing website where users can share images of their interests, thoughts, which can go through other user profiles and re-pin their shared items by ratings on their own profile much like the re-blog feature on Tumblr.

I am the one of Pinterest image network service, and honestly to say that I am not the one who regularly used the services like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and of course the Pinterest. I am a blogger and work only on WordPress platform updating posts and checking my Gmail inboxes and more off I am not a big user of social networks. But there are still several users looking their way to use it on the go on their Android smartphone / tablet or iPad will be happy to know that apps for these platforms have been released today. Details after this jump!

Pinterest a week back dropped its invite-only requirement and let the masses sign up for accounts, and now the social bookmarking service expanded its move to Android devices and the iPad tablets. Pinterest’s mobile apps have the same set of features on all platforms.  Similar to do what you had done on the desktop service like browsing through other people’s profiles, re-pinning their items, create new pins, you can use the camera if you want, and following other people and brands all together with single app integration.

The smartphone app uses a two-column layout whereas the tablet version makes use of all the extra space by giving you double the columns and more information upfront. Beyond this both the smartphone and tablet apps are the same. The engineers at Pinterest built the free Android app from the ground up and optimized it to work on the large range of available Android tablet and smartphone devices. The app is available in the Google Play store and is expected to be in the Android Appstore later this week for Kindle Fire owners.

The iPad also got its own Pinterest app, a speedy experience with some nice new user interface touches. Swiping to one side brings up the list of categories, the other direction flips through the layers of pins you’ve opened.  An embedded browser in the iPad version of the app. Double clicking on a product such as a pair of shoes will take you to the brand’s site within the Pinterest app, and you can then see what other product users have pinned from the same company.

Being rolled out as a first-party apps for social network services, Pinterest for iOS and Android is available for free. Interested users can now go ahead and download it right now from the embedded link provided below officially.

Note: The iPhone version of the app – now in version 2.0 – gets performance updates and “better usability”. Don’t forget to coment or share you thoughts on the Pinterest’s mobile application on Facebook and Google+ page.