Pictwo App For iPhone Gives You Free Control Over Creativity With Your Photos

The time has come to make you as you want it. You may be talking to the guys who would look unto your Picture edited with Pictwo, the all new iPhone apps gives you. However it’s a wonderful thing to be able to carry a decent snapper at all times in the form of a smartphone, it has been argued that the unexciting methods for editing them with a simple effect or a movable focus has worn out much of the creativity that goes with creating a well-edited image. Editing becomes the best when the edited stuff looks unedited. It is common that everything changes except the change. So, this App has changed the entire inventory of editing options which were to blame for the old snag.

Old was gold in olden days.Still, every now and then, an app like Pictwo emerges to restore some faith in the creativity of the human race. Far from allowing our frozen brains to lazily manipulate an image as per a handful of presets, it demands a little more time, complexity, and endeavor in order for users to create something truly unique. So, wanna you create something unchallenged get on with Pictwo. It’s aimed not only at professional photo-enthusiasts (at least, those who can see past using a mobile app as opposed to, say, Photoshop), but also the uninitiated noob, and with a little time and patients, the results can be extremely rewarding.

The clue into how this Pictwo works is hinted quite unsubtly in its name. It allows you to blend two images (for best results, an image and one of the many unique layers) into a bespoke, very professional-looking image. Even if you’ve very little hands-on previous in editing images, the simple interface is very inviting, befriends you and if you spend half an hour using Pictwo, I would stake heavily on you winding up pleasantly surprised with what you can achieve.

If you believe that creativity forgives a few bucks from your  valet, snatch the  Pictwo  at it’s half price – down to $0.99 from $1.99, so if you’re brave enough to let your creativity run amok, then I strongly recommend you check the download link below and get going. With a near-perfect rating over at the App Store, you needn’t just take my word for it, and I would even go as far as to bet that your favorite image-editor will pale in comparison with Pictwo.

Download Pictwo for iPhone [iTunes link]