How to Password Protect a File in Mac OS X

How to Password Protect a File or Folder in Mac OS X ? It is sometimes necessary to protect a file or folder in Mac OS X so that no one modifies or deletes your file/folder. To Password Protect a File or Folder in Mac OS X, you can follow the steps given below.

Steps to Password Protect a File or Folder in Mac OS X:

Step I : Initially, right click the File/Folder and select “Get Info“.

Password Protect a File in Mac OS X

Step II : Now click on the “Sharings & Permissions“. It shows the information about the read, write priviliges given to each user of your system.

Password Protect a File in Mac OS X - 2

Step III : Next click on the small lock icon present at the lower right corner of this window.

Step IV : Clicking on it,you will be asked to enter the “Password”. Enter the Password and click “Ok” button. The password you are asked to enter is the System Password.

Password Protect a File in Mac OS X - 3

Step V : Now, you can change the access rights, i.e., who is able to access a particular File/Folder on your computer. Select “Write Only(Drop Box)”, and then click on the lock again to prevent any further changes.

Step VI : Finally, check the “Locked” check box which is located under the General area in the GetInfo box.

This is it. From now, if someone tries to modify or delete a File/Folder, it will ask for System Password.
These are the simple steps to Pasword Protect a File or Folder in Mac OS X.

Top 10 Best DreamScenes for Windows 7

DreamScenes are rare to find in the Web and in that Top 10 Best DreamScenes for Windows 7, which i searched and selected for you ”Friends”. Now you are going to see these Top 10 Best DreamScenes those i selected for my friends and for me. I bet, you will select and grab all these Top 10 DreamScenes which are awesome looking and these can fit to your taste.

I have searched over the web for DreamScenes and managed to find them at I selected about 15 DreamScenes and from those, i chose these Top 10 Best DreamScenes for Windows 7. These 10 Best DreamScenes are for you too. Now, what are you waiting for, just grab these DreamScenes and set as your Desktop Background.

Check This :-

Top 10 Best DreamScenes for Windows :

1. Another View

Another View

2. Ubuntu

Ubuntu Dream Scene

3. MultiFire


4. Blood Cell


5. Tron Bike

Tron Bike

6. Fire Lord

Fire Lord

7. Teal-Hair


8. MultiColor

Multi Color

9. Green Sphere

Green Sphere

10. Flowers


How to Install and Enable DreamScenes in Windows 7

What is Windows DreamScene? Windows DreamScene is a feature that enables the users to set a Video Clip, Movie Show, Slideshow or an Animated image as the Desktop Wallpaper.Windows DreamScene feature is present in Windows Vista, but removed in Windows 7. The DreamScene feature can be manually added and installed on Windows 7 with a little hack to turn on and enable DreamScene support.

How to Install and Enable DreamScenes in Windows 7 :

Step 1 : Download the Windows7-dreamscene.exe, this will automatically copy the necessary DreamScene files and merge required registries and entries.

Step 2 : Run the Windows7-dreamscene.exe. It will restart the explorer and DreamScene feature is enabled on your Windows 7.

Step 3 : Now Right Click on the file you would like to set as Desktop Background and select ‘Set as Desktop Background‘.

Install and Enable DreamScenes in Windows 7

This is it and you can set your favourite video clip as Desktop Background.

Important Note : To Enable DreamScene in Windows 7, make sure that Aero is Enabled.

How to Convert a File from PDF to Text Format

Before knowing how to convert a file from PDF to Text format, we will know what a PDF is. PDF(Portable Document Format) is a file format created by Adobe Systems for the purpose of Document Exchange. Two-dimensional documents are represented in a way independent of application software, hardware, operating system using PDF. Each PDf file is comprised of a complete description of a fixed-layout 2D document(including text), fonts, images and 2D vector graphics that make up the document.

Conversion of a File from PDF to Text

Steps Involved in Converting a File from PDF to Text Format :

There are two ways in which you can convert a file from PDF to text.

Method I: Copy the text and paste it into a Text Editor.

The steps involved here are:
Step 1: Open the PDF file.Choose the ‘Selection’ tool from the “Tools” menu.
Step 2: Highlight the areas you want to copy.
Step 3: Copy the highlighted areas and paste in Text Editor like Microsoft Word.

Method II : Use a conversion software, for eg. a PDF-Text Extractor.

The steps involved here are:
Step 1: Start the conversion software and open the PDF file in it.
Step 2: Select the option ‘Extract’text from theTool bar.You select ‘Extract Pages’ also.
Step 3: After extracting the file, save it in your desired location.

To extract text from PDF using PDF-Text Extractor, the file should be formatted to contain text and not just images.

Important Note: The text formatting may be lost and you have to reformat the text again in the Text Editor.

How to Change Logon Screen in Windows7

How to change logon screen in windows7 ? Microsoft has finally incorporated a new feature which supports the user to change the logon screen background without using any hacks or third-party tools.

Steps involved in changing the windows 7 Logon Screen is as follows :

Step 1 : Initially download the registry file. Extract the file and double-click it.This enables the feature of changing the Logon Screen.

Step 2 : Now, move over to the following path-
Step 3 : Here, create a new folder named ‘Info‘. Inside ‘Info’, create another folder named ‘backgrounds‘.

Step 4 : Copy the image, you wish to set as Logon Screen, into ‘background‘ folder and rename it as ‘backgroundDeafult‘.

Logon screen for Windows 7

This is it. Rebbot the system to see the change.

Important Note : The image which you wish o set as Logon Screen background should be in JPG format and the size of it should be less than 256KB.


FB Photo Download App to Download Photos from Facebook to iPhone

Download Photos from Facebook to iPhoneHow to Download Photos from Facebook to my iPhone ? The answer is here, Download and install FB Photos Download App on iPhone available from App Store and now you can easily Download Photos from FaceBook to iPhone. I already used this FB Photos Download App on my iPhone 3GS and Downloaded Photos from Facebook.

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