OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.1 Build 12B13 Now Available To Download [Developers]

It has been three weeks since Apple released their latest version of OS X as an upgrade for Mac Lion machines, and today seeded the first beta build of OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.1 to developers and made available on Mac App Store. Resulting in over three million Mac owners purchasing and downloading the cutting-edge operating system within the first twenty-four hours, it’s become the popular and most genuine for the month. About 60% of them have been made it by upgrading the Mountain Lion to their Mac system, but few of them have been reporting a detrimental effect on internal MacBook batteries experience.

After investigating the battery issues and to provide first class hardware and software to end-users, Apple has started the update process by pushing out an initial 10.8.1 beta seed to registered developers of the Mac OS X developer program. We notified about it in our previous report that members of the AppleSeed program had started to see the notifications of the 10.8.1 update in their inboxes with the next natural step in process being to allow thsoe who actively produce software for the operating system to test it out.

The latest OS update is showing for developers via Mac App Store website by taking it to the version 10.8.1 with an official 12B13 build number. It si always seen when initial beta version of the software pushed out by the Cupertino company, the set of notes and legal disclaimers to be in larger set. In the release document, Apple declares that they haven’t through any issues whatsoever in the 12B13 build.

Publicly, Apple has seeded the first point release of OS X Mountain Lion beta to developers. The beta build of OS X 10.8.1 build 12B13 focuses on a variety of bug fixes, interestingly for some users is the mention of a WiFi issue as a focus area, which could be related to the Wi-Fi dropping problems that have impacted some Macs running Mountain Lion OS X 10.8 version.

The company asked developers to test out things like Exchange Mail, PAC Proxies. Other areas for developers to focus on include Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, Mail app, Safari, Samba (SMB) sharing, USB and the aforementioned wifi and audio issue that pertains to connections with the Apple Thunderbolt Display. Developers can expect to download a DMG file that is just over 36MB in size on their Mac, and Apple is stressing that the system cannot be reverted back to OS X 10.8.0 after the install, so they should be aware of installing it on a test Mac which they are prepared of to wipe if anything goes wrong.

The release of 10.8.1, albeit an initial development beta seed is available to registered developers from the Mac Developer Center, and there is no timeline or expected release of OS X 10.8.1 being available to the public. After installing it on their Mountain Lion machines, we will let you know whether Apple has fixed the battery drain issue on MacBook systems or not.