Ookla Releases Official Speedtest App For Windows Phone 8 – Download Now!

Reason why we live in such a connected tech world with our digital devices, and we do a great deal of our work communicating with the courtesy of an internet connection, the ability to test that connection speed and check various characteristics of it has become so vitally important. Not only me everyone’s responsibility to see if your Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are providing such speed to their promises and giving us what we actually pay for. Windows Phone 8 users now gets the ability to see how their internet and cellular connection is performing directly from their smart devices thanks to the official release of the Speedtest.net experience on the Windows Phone Store.

The Speedtest.net web interface has been used by millions of people over the world to test whether their device’s net connection are getting the speed what they pay for from their ISPs. Originally, the site launched to provide performance indicators if the tested network, but has now grown to include a portfolio of official mobile apps along with reporting machanism to see how ISPs around the world are performing, with the idea in mind that being able to name and shame sompanies should keep service providers honest. Windows Phone 8 users can now count themselves as part of the official experience.


Windows Phone has now been in the market running Microsoft latest mobile operating system the Windows 8, and users are increasing, so developers are developing more and more Windows Phone 8 apps. Android and iOS were hot favorite among the users only because of best apps. Now to compete with Android and Apple’s iOS, Windows Phone manufacturers are paying very keen focus towards app store. They are providing charming offers to developer so that they should build better apps for Windows Phone 8 users.


Speedtest app for Windows 8 is not actually the same as the Android and iOS version. But it got a little bit changes from the original, but a pretty useful application. The Windows Phone 8 app includes everything that we have come to expect from a Speedtest.net app, and although it has been designed with Windows Phone 8 in mind, it does bare remarkable resemblance to the iOS and Android variants, except that it carries a little Windows Phone touch to it.


Users can now interact with the app to interrogate their WiFi or cellular network to discover the current download and update rates as well as the ping response times of the network to fix it. Ping is quite a useful thing for those user’s which are fond of playing online games. This is quite useful for troubleshooting because it displays you the whole record of your connection status, in tabulated and graphical form as well. The inclusion of real-time graphs provide the user with connection-consistency visuals as well as some handy sections of the app that allow us to troubleshoot problems or find out why we aren’t getting the download speeds that we would expect to be receiving from our providers. All past results are also logged, so users can see a timeline of reports and compare the returned results.


Windows Phone 8 users with Speedtest.net app will be able to share the results to social networks to let everyone know how well or poorly a provider is performing. If you really want to check out your Connection status then this app is really built for you and you should at least try this once. Use it as a user friendly app!

(Source: Speedtest.net for Windows Phone 8 on the Windows Phone Store)