Official Instapaper App For Android Now Available

If you are huge reader of web articles and want to read it later being saving them on your computer or iPhone, iPad or Kindle or other smartphones? Here’s the best saving option available in the form of Instapaper, a popular service which allows you to save Web pages for offline reading, in other words a mobile bookmarking service which was set for iOS devices availability, finally landed as an official Android app.

Instapaper this week at last hits the Google Play Store and made available for all Android devices, allowing users to enjoy the read it later style option provided by the Instapaper service, which once sat on iOS and browser for a long time.

Instapaper for Android isn’t perfectly identical to its iOS counterpart, while the basic are the same. All you have to do is save the desired Web pages you want to read while you still have a WiFi or 3G connections enabled. Later you can read them offline when you are traveling via airplane, train, or other places where there is lack of internet connection – you will be able to pressure all those saved pages.

The latest version of Instapaper is created by developers Mobelux for Android, unlike the iOS app which was developed by Macro Arment. Watch the below video in action after the jump!

Finally the Instapaper for Android hits the market

While the app automatically downloads a “mostly-text versions of each page” and formats things for maximum readability. The layouts built specifically for smaller tablets such as Kindle Fire and Nook Color, larger tablets like the Motorola Xoom as well as most Android phones running 2.1 or higher are supported.

Here’s how you can be able to use the new Instapaper Android app, while The Verge site has got hands-on before its launch and put together three minutes video showing a few important feature details.

You can now download Instapaper for Android app from the Google Play Store, formally known as the Android Market, Amazon Android App Store, and Nook Market for $2.99 (almost three bucks).