Official Fazer Angry Birds Sweets Coming Soon

For your timepass and entertainment you would prefer to play games and Rovio has done what all game makers dream of. With the launch of their own game has made its way to a hit and makes its place in the top level gaming platforms, and with the recent release of Angry Birds Space they had put in the place where the merchandise alone is approaching Star wars levels. It knows no bounds. Now the Angry Birds will have their own official sweets.

The company with Fazer sweets partnered and want to push the sweetest fun with gums “Fazer Angry Birds wine gums” will go on sale next month. So, you will be able to get your hands on some sweets in the shape of pigs and birds.

The confectionery will be launched initially in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, the Baltic States, Poland and the Czech Republic. The flavours and shapes of the new wine gums have been designed to reflect the Angry Birds characters.

The colourful and tangy birds taste like strawberry, lime, orange, wild berries, and cola with a fresh lemon filling, says Pekka Rantala, Managing Director of Fazer Bakeries & Confectionery business area. The pigs have an apple and pear taste. The sugar-coated eggs hide a soft caramel yolk, whereas the building blocks taste like lemon, passion fruit and pineapple.

The birds will also land in China when Fazer starts the test sales of its products there in the summer. Chocolate consumption is growing rapidly in China, and in addition to Fazer Angry Birds sweets, Fazer will also export chocolate products to Asia. The company is already sending out sweets to the press.

They look tasty and are a great treat to eat while playing your favorite game. We will see if they sell as well as the game itself very soon. Wait for few weeks and you will be able to taste the Angry Birds Sweets on your mouth with spacious colors and tasty sweetness soon!