Official Dropbox App Finally Hits Windows 8 “Modern UI”, Now Available On Windows Store!

Back in October 2012 – Microsoft has unveiled the Dropbox Windows 8 app build at its Developer conference and now it’s finally available in the Windows Store. The app lets you open and edit files from other Windows 8 apps and share files or folders with the Share Charm. Dropbox download is now available for Windows 8 and Windows RT users. Check out the details after the jump!

Although, the Microsoft Surface has just got slightly more evident. A Dropbox app for Windows 8’s (Metro) modern UI is officially available. Now the app is fully certified and has landed in the Windows Store for Windows 8 / RT devices. The app that is a true to the basics of the cloud storage service – which recently passed 100 million registered users and it has now briefly overviewed.


The Windows 8 users can now browse and preview all of your files and photos directly on Dropbox, open them and edit and even save files from other Windows 8 apps. Share any photos, files folders with the share Charm and also find your files with the said Share Charm –  support is also present, but overall the app is a fairly basic one that mimics web access to Dropbox with a tiled interface to fit Windows 8’s aesthetics.




Share Charm is yet another big name for Microsoft’s new Windows 8 platform, with the company hoping to attract top developer talent and apps during 2013. The app has adopted the ’tiled’ user interface of the new Microsoft platform, and other functionality — as such sharing to Facebook — is supported, and will be more than familiar to regular Dropbox users.

(Source: Dropbox app for Windows 8 on Windows Store)