Official BBC Sport App For iPhone & iPad Released, Sports Live Commentary, News And Results

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has already have a few most popular and frequently downloaded apps on the iOS App Store, today BBC has launched its very own sports application for the iPhone and iPad owners delivering the ultimate sports fans’ guide to live feeds, news, stats, fixtures and final results and other current content.

In an attempt to corner the iOS sports market, BBC has made the official launch of the BBC Sport app for iPhone and iPod touch devices. The app is the corporation’s best attempt at making themselves the number one mobile digital resource for sports information, and take it from us; integrated with live news, scores and commentaries across a wide range of popular sports.


The app takes on the inventive form of the company’s official sports section om their website, neverthless with all of the information rendered perfectly for reading on the smaller mobile devices. The sport-based reporting and information contained within the app is all personally curated by a team of sports journalists from the official BBC and packed cleanly into a smooth / slick interface that is landed with black and yellow. Like other most news aggregating apps, the new BBC Sport app requires an active WiFi or cellular data connection to retrieve info.


After downloading and installation, the user has navigated with a small but informative tutorial, then they will be presented with a home screen – that display all of the news bulletins and top stories about each sport lives. Sporting news on the home screen is collected and displayed based on personal sporting preference, which can be edited, customized from within the right hand-side sliding menu that takes more than a little design inspiration from Path and Facebook. Sports can be easily be added, removed or even moved up and down in order of your desire.

The BBC Sport App is available with choice of sports, like users get an entire page dedicated to Football (that’s soccer for Americans), Formula 1, Cricket, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Tennis, and Golf and Archery to name a few, are present.

Note: One of the downsides to the BBC Sport app is the fact that a lot of the information is presented as a mobile version of the website rather than actually being parsed and displayed accordingly, however that doesn’t detract from a great app for sports fans across the globe.

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Users get daily live text commentaries from BBC journalists, detailed football live scores, match stats, a full season’s football fixtures, and the ability to customize the app with quick links to their favorite sport. Share stories and results on social networks and email.

It said that in the future release – the BBC will include links to the BBC mobile site for stats pages. The Britan’s Broadcast company promises to notify ysers whenever new features are about to be made available. BBC Sport installation requires iPhone, iPod touch and iPad running iOS 5.0 or above and grab it as free of charge download. Android version coming soon!

(Source: BBC Sport for the iPhone and iPod touch on the App Store)