Nokia Lumia Series Windows Phone Branding Will Be Replaced With Microsoft Lumia



Finally, Microsoft is officially phasing out the Nokia Lumia brand name by now, be calling the Windows Phones just “Lumia” and redirecting Nokia online properties to This rebranding effort will expand and soon the lineup will become “Microsoft Lumia”.

It’s happening, Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone branding replacement has started as per the post on Nokia France Facebook page says, the account will soon change its name to “Microsoft Lumia” as well as Nokia France’s Twitter account linked to the post as though, and Microsoft confirmed to The Verge that other countries will follow the same rebranding steps.

Remind you that, Microsoft acquired Nokia’s device business in April for $7 billion, even before the Nokia brand has been fading away. Although, Lumia is already the de facto face of Windows Phone which accounts about 90% of the market. Microsoft has been busy signing up new vendors but they will struggle to gain significant market share as the big names have mostly neglected WP.

Several company’s Windows Phone Store apps, such as Treasure Tag and App Social, have dropped Nokia from their names in recent months, and some other Nokia websites also pointing to Microsoft, and now, Microsoft Mobile is the official name for Nokia’s former device business. And Nokia will be in touch with Maps app. HERE!

Nokia, the Finnish company, still exists but as part of the agreement with Microsoft it won;t make new phones for at least several more years. As mentioned, it will be focusing on things like mapping and with no exclusiveity to consider, it has been bringing its software to Android.

Expected that Microsoft put its own logo on the newer Windows Phone handsets, or it could also place the name of “Nokia” on its front. Last month when it announced Nokia Lumia 730 and Lumia 830, both the phones have ‘Nokia’ written on the front bezel, but they could be the last handsets.