Nokia Launches Free Music Streaming Service In The US

Nokia has announced the launch of its free Nokia Music service in the United States, bringing a selection of free music to its Windows Phone handsets the Lumia 900 and 710. While the Nokia’s mobile music streaming service called “Ovi Music Unlimited” didn’t considered much from the smartphone owners.

Although this newly launched Nokia’s audio iteration would be a free music service and customers can stream music files from a suite of over 150 exclusive playlists that are compiled and kept up to date by an expert team of US based musicologists. According to a press release, owners of the Lumia 900 and the Lumia 710 in the US can now download the app from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Nokia Music is an ad-free and doesn’t require any registration or subcription, and does not allow users to select individual tracks – only can be accessed from pre-defined playlists or through a dynamic generator feature similar to Spotify Radio.

“The playlists span a wide spectrum of musical genres from underground Detroit house tracks to New York Philharmonic favorites.  Nokia Music also offers playlists created by global artists such as Lana Del Rey, Lady Gaga and Rihanna.”

This new free music app also includes a Gig Finder feature, using location information to pinpoint nearby concerts and events related to users’ musical interests. Especially to welcome the announcement of Nokia and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 devices which is expected tomorrow, The new Nokia Music service will be available on the Nokia’s Lumia 710 / 910.