Nokia 808 PureView Expected To Make US Debut Later Today!

The first ever made smartphone boasting a 41-megapixel camera with AMOLED display, Nokia Pureview 808 has announced a few months ago and released in some major countries like Asia, India, UK etc, and whilst Nokia said the handset would not be available with mobile carriers in the USnited States, and said they intend to bring the Pureview 808 smartphone to the US, but would be welcomed with a SIM free offer.

Nokia has a special event scheduled in the US later today, and the recent reports says that the Symbian giant will be announcing the launch of the latest Nokia 808 Pureview for the U.S. PureView is a high-end phone based on Nokia’s waning homegrown operating system, rather than Windows Phone. It packs some top-of-the-line features.

Nokia announced the PureView 808 smartphone a few months ago and will be released in the US tomorrow?

Remind you this Nokia’s 808 Pureview features a 4-inch AMOLED display running the Symbian Belke mobile operating system (OS) and more of it’s sporting with a 41MP camera and in addition to its super-zoom-capable cam, it has a “rich recording” audio feature, powered with a 1.3GHz core processor and comes with a 16GB of built-in storage, plus external memory card slot (MicroSD) added to expand the storage space upto 32GB.