Next iPhone To Arrive Sporting Quad-Core Processor [REPORT]

Continuing with Apple’s launch patterns and not as the new iPad, regarding rumors the next-generation iPhone 5 release date is expected in October later this year. Amng all the rumored details the next iPhone will sport 1GB of RAM, the device, which is thought to be receiving a longer screen, will also be featuring a mighty quad-core processor, if the reports from the Digitimes is to be considered.

Followed the new report suggests that the Apple’s next-gen iPhone or so called new iPhone 5 will be powered by a quad-core ARM processor based on Samsung’s Exynos 4 architecture, claims by the same source, which cited its usual industry sources from the Far East in a report issued on Thursday.

The iPhone is widely expected to get a major upgrade this fall.But the reports that surfaced about the new iPhone, next-generation iOS 5 device will indeed have a quad-core CPU inside. The iPhone is pretty credited with changing the face of the modern-day smartphone, but sticking with the same screen size and general power, it seems that now Apple is playing catch-up with rivals.

A quad-core processor would be quite a hit from the current dual-core A5 chip offered with the iPhone 4S, and would also boast more power than the third-gen new iPad, rather offering quad-core graphics, is still only a dual-core A5X processor.

Many agree with last year’s iPhone 4S featured with a custom dual-core processor clocked at 800 megahertz, and the A5 chip was first introduced months before in the iPad 2, which is faster at 1GHz, thanks to a larger form factor with a bigger battery.

It is to be believed that the  Tim Cook’s company will opt for the A5X once again, which would still be fast, and allow for smooth gaming on the slightly larger screen. While Apple’s apparent push towards the larger screen, a quad-core processor wouldn’t be a massive shock.

The Cupertino company appears to have gone with the flow in increasing the display real-estate, a new chip excreeding the A5X would seem like too much of a hype. With the new iPad (3rd-gen) launched this year, Apple didn’t revealed a true next-generation chip, instead chosen the name for the processor the “A5X,” suggesting an evolutionary upgrade over its predecessor. The CPU was based on Samsung’s 45-nanometer low-power architecture, also found already in the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S CPUs earlier.

What do you expect from Apple announcements about the next iPhone – dubbed the “iPhone 5” – will include. However LTE would seem a foregone conclusion given the iPad implementation, the only one that is sure to be featured with is, iOS 6, which was announced last month at WWDC 12.

The major change with A5X chip was an upgraded version, the CPU remained dual core, the GPU was upgraded to quad core in order to push the 3.1 million pixels found on the tablet’s high-resolution Retina display.

Digitimes claims that Apple’s expected introduction of a quad-core iPhone will help “heat up” competition with other quad-core smartphones. To compete with Google’s Android mobile OS. However, the quad-core Galaxy S III has thus far only been available in the international market though. With 4G LTE-capable model released in U.S. features a dual-core Snapdragon S4 CPU, and in the next week Samsung to launch a quad-core LTE Galaxy S III, in Korea.

If Apple does build a quad-core ARM CPU for its next iPhone, the upgrade could presumably be significant enough to earn the chip the “A6” distinction.