This zone reveals that the Apple's next generation iPhone could feature an HD FaceTime camera

Next iPhone (iPhone 5) Reportedly Boast With A HD FaceTime Camera

According to some reports, rumored points to a new research note from KGI’s Mingchi Kuo, who have sources deep within Apple’s supply chain claims that the Apple’s next smartphone could feature a new high defenition capable front-facing camera.

However the rear-facing camera in Apple’s iPhone has improved significantly over the past few years, while the front cam has reminded pretty basic. The high resolution shooter witnesses to be updated from the current VGA senosr used in the latest iPhone 4S, would allow users to make higher-quality FaceTime calling. Ideal for FaceTime and other third-party video call apps, that has takken a firm as a main snapper which involved to the super-sharp, 8MP offering today.

This report says that the next iPhone may feature an HD FaceTime camera

Though the next iPhone – often dubbed officially as the “iPhone 5” – could pack an HD-FaceTime camera at last, according to this note by KGI analyst Minchi Kuo, will be repositioned to the center of the handset.

He also reported as a note to investors that he believes among “quite a few essential adjustments” to be made expected with the next iPhone, while the front camera shooter will likely to feature HD, and the fruit company may also offer to include a flip-chip (FC) solution for the improved camera. Kuo claims, the camera will move instead a central position, as opposed to its current location to the left of the ear speaker.

This zone reveals that the Apple's next generation iPhone could feature an HD FaceTime camera

The analyst pionts to the 4-inch display all-but confirmed to be present with the new device – expected to release around October’12. While Apple is stuck up with its 3.5-inch LCD since the very first iPhone, with the compitition against Android device dropping the Cupertino company’s smartphone, leaks and solid reports suggest the screen will also been streched, along with more pixels added to the screen, which surely make the make of the front camera.

With some incremental improvements including improved aperture range up to f/2.2, compared with the maximum aperture of f/2.4 with the iPhone 4S. The higher quality, rear-facing camera will likely still be 8-megapixel, according to Kuo, the camera will be noticeably thinner than ever before. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard rumors of FaceTime HD making its way into an upcoming Apple product, reminding you, the feature was expected to turn up in both the 4S and new iPad (3rd-gen). However it never did so!

report by KGI analyst Mingchi Kuo, the next iPhone's FaceTime camera could take HD video

With the third-gen iPad packing LTE connectivity, the improved cellular radio is another almost-certain feature. Now wsith the larger screen, LTE and improved cameras, the next iPhone 5 is certain to generate the huge wave of iPhone Fever among addicted consumers.

What do you think about Apple did finally decide to go with a new frontside sensor this time around. While the next iPhone is long overdue for a FaceTime HD camera upgrade.