Next-Generation iPhone Pre-orders Is Set To Start From September 12th, Shipping In October

Apple is planning for a huge event with the aesthetics of which they has produced for its latest device of the next-generation iPhone, we as musch are alloking to find out what acactly they have store for us regarding the new device, the iPhone 5’s technical specifications. As being an iPhone 4 owner from years and waiting for what’s about the sixth-generation iteration brings to the scene so that can be added to the Apple hardware collection. When? Is it possible in September? Details after this!

The major media event pointing to the iPhone announcement ahead on September 12th, with Apple reportedly planning their usual product introduction for the new iPhone. It has been speculated in the past that Apple have penned in September 21st as the the all-important day of release, and it seems that this is still the case with the addition of initial pre-orders being taken immediately after the hardware announcement. The pre-order speculation is true, then it looks like it could be another long day of Apple’s online store servers being hammered from all the angles by the fans to get their hands first to order in before stock runs out.

The purported report also calims and tipped that the possible pre-order set-up are also suggesting that Apple is planning on introducing their secondary wave of sales to the wider international market during the early stages of October. The company introduce their products on a staggered basis in certain territories, with the possibility that international consumers could be able to get their hands on the new elongated iPhone around October 5th. The international distribution applies in October or all countries outside of the United States, or if the residents of the United Kingdom and other European Countries will be able to order the device on September 12th usually seen in the past.

Stay tuned for an official word from Apple that have in store for us, and awake yourself on the public media event. Either you will be seeing only the iPhone 5, or alongside with the launch of the iOS 6, and the next iPad mini release? A whole new line if products during the same event such as the speculated new iPod touch and the baby iPad?

Remind you: The september 12th is all set for Apple’s media event and will surely make an iPhone announcement and pre-orders reportedly set and shipping will take place in October!