Microsoft For Next-Gen Console Securing “Xbox 8” Domains?

It said to be the upcoming Windows 8, the next hotly-anticipated OS release from the Redmond-based company, What could the Xbox 8 means then? Microsoft could offering a hint as to the name of next-generation Xbox console? Which as yet has oft only been referred to as the Xbox 720. Details on the new Xbox iteration after this jump!

Rumors are those that can influence people for nothing, but about the next Xbox, we got a word that its codename “Durango” at Microsoft and then a leaked document confirms much of that we heard about. We are a bit confused about the real name of the next Xbox? Could be Xbox 720 or something else. If yest it’s OK, and if not, why Microsoft securing Xbox 8 domains?

Recently with thehelp of National Arbitration Forum, a firm deaing with International domain disputes, the software maker has managed to grab numerous domains from a Chinese cyber squatter. That may point to what the company has planned for the next Xbox. Though the purchased domains could to to prevent the company’s image from being sabotaged.

According to Fusible, here are those domains Microsoft secured, like,,,, and Other domains with cases still being processed include,,, and But these two domains of particular interest – and

Apart this, the number 8 would be a magical number to Microsoft? Kidding, where Windows 8, the next hotly-anticipated operating system from it, and now with Xbox 8, the Windows maker could be pushing for a closer relationship between Xbox and Windows as said they released their own products onto Xbox 360 in the past like Silverlight and Bing. This would be mean to push for more solidarity between the Xbox and Windows brand.

It may be slightly confusing to name the console Xbox 8, despite Windows 8 currently being prepared for launch. Last year’s dashboard update brought a look and feel that was reminiscent of the Metro interface found in Windows 8. With few more aesthetic and mechanical improvements and we could have Windows 8 up and running on the Xbox.

Consumer over the world are aware of the Xbox 360 brand, going with the Xbox 720 would continue that brand, just like the PlayStation 2 to PS3. All apart, the next generation Xbox console is reported to be up to six times faster than the market-leading Xbox 360, whilst also potentially packing in a Blu-ray player, true 1080p, as well as native 3D output.

Rumors and speculations can be often terrible for those that hate getting their hopes up though, gamers will have to wait and see if the above – as well as the purported 6-8 2GHz ARM/x86 cores could end up grabbing any sweetness.