New leaked images have surfaced on the Web purportedly showing the next-generation iPhone

Next-Gen iPhone (iPhone 5) Display Leaked Out, 4-Inch Diagonally In Size, Equipped with In-Cell Technology [IMAGE]

The first introduction made Apple with the iPhone in 2007, which pretty stick with the basic 3.5-inch display, but with the Android fans of the Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC One X making the iPhone look comparatively lower, The conclusion regards to the next iPhone seems to be that the fruit company will finally adjust by molding and increasing the screen’s real-estate.

Recently, the leaked part picture appeared to confirm that the front panel of the next-gen iPhone will look like. Rumored of a increased display, with the aspect ratio also for a change with the device, being dubbed as the “iPhone 5″ despite actually being the sixth generation iPhone.

For the first time, the iPhone shakes off the 3.5inch screen-size, bowing to the latest generation of Android smartphones, according to some reliabale sources. As far as with the leak, which purported to show the new LCD, was concerned, the width of the iPhone screen would remain the same, while becoming a great deal longer and the next-generation iDevice bringing the diameter up to around for inches (4”).

New leaked images have surfaced on the Web purportedly showing the next-generation iPhone

According to this recently leaked, a Chinese blog MyDrivers has again obtained a similar “leaked part,” of the next iPhone, which, however claimed via “supply chain sources”, does look plausible, and indicates the next-generation iPhone could see a screen increase of 30 percent – a larger increase than previous supposed.

The industrial chain again sent to the news that Apple will introduce a new generation iPhone next month, will be equipped with the new in-cell touch panel.

To make the new iPhone body thicker and thinner, the Cupertino company decided build with in-cell touch panel, the technology is the biggest bright spot is that the touch layer is integrated directly into the iPhone’s LCD panel, about to touch panel embedded into the liquid crystal pixels in – which reduces the required number of layers, subsequently making the display – and the device itself – the slimmer than ever before.

Lots more sources claimed and rumored that the new generation of iPhone would be more thinner, is equipped with a 4-inch touch screen earlier, and implemented with a 32nm dual-core processor and built in 1GB of RAM for NFC-enabled at the same time running the Apple’s upcoming firmware version of iOS 6 on next iPhone.

Similarly equipped with the Retina display on the 3rd-gen iPad, the next version new iPhone with larger screen will appeal the users, where the Retina display is one of the sharpest available on the market, a little more space to play games and apps and so on would be great.