Amazon To Introduce 10.1-Inch Kindle Fire Launch In Q3 2012?

We have been come through some rumors about the new Amazon’s 10.1″ Kindle Fire would be arriving this year, while Amazon suspending 8.9-inch Kindle temporarily. Reports surfaced that it is possible that Amazon would want to redesign its Kindle Fire tablets hardware for 2012, unfortunately we haven’t got any traces yet.

market rumors indicate that Amazon is planning to launch a 10.1-inch Kindle Fire in the third quarter of the year.

When the rumors circulating for months over the Apple releasing a smaller version of iPad (mini), the rival tablet maker Amazon is readying to do just the opposite. According to DigiTimes report, the market rumors indicate that Amazon is planning to launch a 10.1-inch Kindle Fire in the third quarter of the year, means refreshed from the previous tablet with a 7-inch screen.

What would company thinking about? With its 10.1″ Kindle tablet it can compete with Apple’s 9.7-inch iPad tablet or putting on hold, and planning to launch a speculated 8.9-inch model, which it was reportedly developing to take on Samsung’s Galaxy Tab tablets.

Amazon is planning a 10.1-inch Kindle Fire tablet sometime in the third quarter

Whatever, Amazon tablet order are apparently expected to ramp up at the end of this third quarter of the year. Reports also said that Amazon is expected to ship 30 to 40 million tablets this 2012 year.

The 10.1” model will supposedly be shipping along with a 7” model and will most likely be launching in the third quarter of 2012. If this rumor becomes a true source result, then you would be seeing Amazon’s Kindle Fire with a 10.1 inch screen tablet in this Q3 2012.

Acer Announced Aspire M5 Ultrabooks

Acer today unveils a new range of Aspire M5 Ultrabooks series, which the Acer company will debut with both 14-inch and 15-inc models featuring Intel’s new Ivy Bridge processors and discrete NVIDIA graphics.

The 14/15-inch Acer Ultrabooks will come along with the said specifications such as NVIDIA GT 640M graphics with 1GB of RAM and Ivy Bridge Intel chips inside and will be made available soon. With a thinner design the company is offering a display with a matalic finsih for the chasis for the new M5 Ultrabooks.

The thickness of both Ultrabook models will be around 20mm, but the 15-inch series model packs an optical drive instead the svetle nature, and both models will feature a backlit chiclet keywboards, and 15 inch has a numeric keypad. While the battery life is rated at 8 hours for both models and with a resolution of 1366×786 pixels display and there will be a choice of a range of hard drives and solid state drives (SSD option).

The Acer Aspire M5 series Ultrabooks will go live for sale next month, but we have no details about the availability or the pricing yet. Via Slashgear!

Facebook Silently Launches File Sharing Service For FB Groups

Few days back two big gaints Microsoft and Google rolled out their cloud storage’s SkyDrive and G-Drive and made their steps in the cloud.This week, Facebook came up with its group file sharing service to a “small percentage” of userswhich will be rolling out the features to all those member of Facebook grouyps shortly.

Facebook launches its cloud File sharing service for groups

Facebook quietly made this announcement of the cloud sharing to the FB groups. Facebook’s latest group sharing allows users to upload uoto 25MB in size, which can be shared with all Facebook users within its group.

There are limitations and few exceptions to the type of files users can upload to share. Facebook for securiy reasons has restricted the uploading of music files and executable “.exe” files. The Soicial networking site, Facebook also said that videos and e-Books under 25MB in size aren’t a problem though.

Facebook has this week launched a new group file sharing service to a “small percentage” of users

According to the Facebook spoekespreson, to stop spreading of malicious, inappropriate or copyrighted content files on Facebook “users can report files the same way they can with other content across the site.” Know more about Facebook group file sharing service by hitting the link.

The US Market To Get A SIM Free Nokia 808 Pureview Heading Towards Launch

Great to hear after releasing its 41-megapixel camera equipped 808 PureView smartphone in the Europe, Nokia announced that it will launch in selected countries this month May, and said that they had no plans to roll out the handset in the United States, and it won’t headed over to any US carriers with a SIM, means possibly a SIM Free version of Nokia’s smart device.

SIM-free Nokia 808 PureView up for pre-order in Italy, unlocked version headed towards the US.

While the news actually came directly from the Symbian company’s US President, Chris Weber, recently said in an interview with PCMag that Nokia has not ruled out launching a SIM free version of the PureView in the US. Weber also points that while the carriers won’t be offering the phone, an unlocked 808 PureView phone launch isn’t off the table.

Weber said the following: “We’ll figure out a way to make that available in the U.S. in the next couple of months.” So that handset which we are talking about “Nokia 8080 PureView” would be sold unlocked and unsubsidized, a device supporting the AT&T’s 3G bands. Still no confirmation available on the device will also works on the T-Mobile’s AWS bands.

So, we can see the 41MP Nokia’s 8080 PureView in the US in the coming days readying to launch as a SIM free and unlocked version soon.

Remind you Nokia 808 PureView runs Symbian Belle as its OS and and features a 41 megapixel camera and a 4 inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 640 x 960 pixels.

Remind you that the Nokia 808 PureView runs Symbian Belle OS on it and features an amazing 41-megapixel camera and integrated with Samsung’s AMOLED display with a 640 x 960 pixels resolution, including a 1.3GHz single core processor with an 16GB built-in memory internal storage, plus an expandable micoSD Card slot supports upto 32GB.

41-Megapixel 808 PureView Nokia’s Smartphone Appears At The FCC

Nokia has announced its new symbian-based handset called “Nokia 808 PureView” will go on sale in European market this month. This 808 PureView integrated with the high end 41-megapixel Camera has just appeared at the FCC, but it doesn’t mean it will arriving or launching in the US, Nokia has confirmed that it will not land in the US market currently.

Nokia 808 PureView with the unbelievable 41 MP


While 808 PureView runs Symbian’s updated Belle operating system and built-in with 41MP camera and features with a 4-inch AMOLED display with 640 x 960 pixels resolution display.

The 808 Pureview smartphone is powered with a 1.3GHz single core processor and comes with a 16GB built-in storage (internal), plus added with an extyernal MicoSD card slot that can be expandable upto 32GB storage cards.

Nokia 808 PureView appears at the FCC Hardware test

First its will go on sale in India and Russia initially and will also launch in other countries after Nokia announces which country.

Digg Rumored To Be Acquired By The Washington Post

What would be your most used bookmarking site ever since you have started your internet business? Yes is the one that has seen the highest of the hights and the lowest of lows. Today we have read a post on TheNextWeb that tips from multiple sources that Digg may have found a suitor by way of The Washington Post.

Remind you that this Social bookmarking site was actually launched in 2004 developed by Kevin Rose, who now works at Google. Digg in the past seen as a site that spreadheaded the Web 2.0 era which has been targeted by companies like Big G (Google).

Rumored: Digg to be acquired by The Washington Post

While rumors tells us different words and which are exceptional and untrusted, and if this news is true, then finally Digg have found its exit way. But what would be the asking price of this social bookmarking site, we don’t know. While Digg has raised 45 Million to date now.

About Digg there are millions of users out there login to set their traffic from that place, simply by placing a link or other way submitting links, those were pushed to the homepage directly of the site, a massive new visitors were be expected that way. Many of them has created groups in Digg with votes, and even trying to pay off its top users in return for a Digg.

Before The Washington Post has hired the slashdot’s founder Rob Malda to head up the WaPo labs division. But now the same site “The Washington Post” has making a big step towards strengthening its social powers, to see bigger results with its Facebook social reader app.

Check this out: Kevin Rose infamously introduced a great new site called Digg on a screensavers TV segment called “slashdot killers“, without mentioning that he was behind it:

This was from TheNextWeb source and when we go through other sites like the Techcrunch, said that The Washington Post is acquiring Digg’s staff only and not the site or its assists.

This update was according to the Allthingsd following the report, says WaPo bought Digg’s technology team but not the business, and while the current Digg management will need to figure out what to do with the site and assets.

If its true that The Washington Post is only acquiring the team behind Digg and not more than that. What do you think about Digg to be acquired by The Washington Post? If yes then post your comments below with your thoughts.

LG’s New Cloud Service Will Be Launched On May 1st?

LG is the upcoming company to announce its own cloud storage service called LG Cloud, will offer the ability to stream content directly to your LG smartphones, Android-based tablets and LG TV compatible boxes along with the access to the desktop PCs as well.

There are other company’s that were giving us a chance to save your documents, private data on their free cloud storage space such as Apple introduced with its iCloud, and while Google released its Google Drive for Android and other mobile platforms. Microsoft also pushed its SkyDrive cloud service which offers a 5GB of free storage and there are several others who were offering this.

LG launches LG Cloud storage service in Korea and the US

When we talk about Dropbox, that’s the one which first became most popular free storage service by giving users a 2GB of free storage space. Apart this, today LG is the latest mobile entity to launch its own cloud storage offering users a streaming service to the smartphones, PC or TV.

This LG cloud storage service will offer the ability to content streaming using the LG’s real time Streaming Trans-coding technology, which is a server based media conversion of content to make it compatible with whatever device you use to stream content live.

The latest Cloud service from LG will be able to stream both in 2D or 3D video content, and would be available as a free offering a 5GB of cloud storage space. The pro version will be offered 50GB free space for those who purchase an LG smartphone or an LG TV and the offer will end after six months of period.

The LG Cloud will be able to stream both 2D and 3D video content

If you are eager to get the free LG Cloud storage service or want to buy a LG handset of TV and to get more details about LG’s cloud service, please head over to this link.

2012 NFL Schedule Unveiled, Thursday Expansion

The NFL has released the 2012 Schedule Tuesday evening in all its 256-regular-season-games glory.. The National Football League begins with the offseason’s biggest free agent debuts against the Pittsburgh Steelers on ‘Sunday Night Football.’

The official site of the 2012 NFL Schedule. Weekly view of the schedules including links to tickets, broadcast channels, and printable views.

By expanding its presence on Thursday nights, the league will offer at least two weeknight games in the schedule’s first 15 weeks. However the defending champion New York Giants will host the Dallas Cowboys on Sept. 5, a rare NFL Wednesday night, to kick off the season and avoid a conflict with President Obama’s address at the Democratic National Convention the following night. NFL Network will air 13 contests between Weeks 2 and 15, ensuring all 32 teams will appear in prime time.

“You enjoy those moments when you have the opportunity to be the only show in town – that’s what you live for,” says NFL Network analyst Bucky Brooks, who played in the league from 1994 to 1998, of the added Thursday night games. “And it’s like a mini-bye — you have 10 days before the next game.”

On Tuesday, the NFL announced the rest of the 2012 schedule. You can view it in all its 256-regular-season-games glory here.

Some noteworthy games:

– Week 1: 49ers at Packers
– Week 1: Steelers at Broncos, SNF
– Week 1: Bengals at Ravens, MNF
– Week 2: Bears at Packers, Thursday night
– Week 2: Jets at Steelers
– Week 3: Packers at Seahawks, MNF
– Week 3: Giants at Panthers, TNF
– Week 4: Saints at Packers
– Week 5: Broncos at Patriots (Manning and Brady reunited)
– Week 6: Giants at 49ers
– Week 7: Jets at Patriots
– Week 8: Patriots at Rams (London game)
– Week 8: Saints at Broncos, SNF (return of interim coach Joe Vitt)
– Week 9: Steelers at Giants
– Week 12: Thanksgiving Day games — Texans at Lions, Redskins at Cowboys, Patriots at Jets
– Week 14: Chargers at Steelers
– Week 14: Falcons at Panthers
– Week 17: Panthers at Saints
– Week 17: Eagles at Giants

MORE: Weekly, team 2012 NFL schedules

Official Fazer Angry Birds Sweets Coming Soon

For your timepass and entertainment you would prefer to play games and Rovio has done what all game makers dream of. With the launch of their own game has made its way to a hit and makes its place in the top level gaming platforms, and with the recent release of Angry Birds Space they had put in the place where the merchandise alone is approaching Star wars levels. It knows no bounds. Now the Angry Birds will have their own official sweets.

The company with Fazer sweets partnered and want to push the sweetest fun with gums “Fazer Angry Birds wine gums” will go on sale next month. So, you will be able to get your hands on some sweets in the shape of pigs and birds.

The confectionery will be launched initially in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, the Baltic States, Poland and the Czech Republic. The flavours and shapes of the new wine gums have been designed to reflect the Angry Birds characters.

The colourful and tangy birds taste like strawberry, lime, orange, wild berries, and cola with a fresh lemon filling, says Pekka Rantala, Managing Director of Fazer Bakeries & Confectionery business area. The pigs have an apple and pear taste. The sugar-coated eggs hide a soft caramel yolk, whereas the building blocks taste like lemon, passion fruit and pineapple.

The birds will also land in China when Fazer starts the test sales of its products there in the summer. Chocolate consumption is growing rapidly in China, and in addition to Fazer Angry Birds sweets, Fazer will also export chocolate products to Asia. The company is already sending out sweets to the press.

They look tasty and are a great treat to eat while playing your favorite game. We will see if they sell as well as the game itself very soon. Wait for few weeks and you will be able to taste the Angry Birds Sweets on your mouth with spacious colors and tasty sweetness soon!