New Skype Update For iOS App Enables Account Merging With Windows Live Messenger

Today, Microsoft has rolled out yet another new update to its Skype iOS application, bringing account merging features that enables users to now easily merge their Skype app and Microsoft Windows Live Messenger at a time. Check out the details after the jump1

Actually, Skype in the recent days updated with a thinner and taller UI tailored for iPhone 5, today the Redmond-based software company pushed a new update, bringing great features to the popular communications client, the Skype for iOS app. Originally, Microsoft in the past announced that it had plans to close its Windows Live Messenger service in favor of its 8 billion priced new Skype acquisition.

Finally, Skype has updated to allow users to merge their accounts with Microsoft’s WLM account, which now easily enables the software to connect to Microsoft’s other messaging properties. Notably, you can now chat with Messenger, Hotmail and contacts right from Skype application.

Now that, Skype for iOS has been updated and heading to the version 4.2 also brings several tweaks, like on the UI front, you’ll be able to choose an emoticon for your instant messaging chat or tap and hold on IMs to edit them. Only the iOS devices with a Retina display would animate emoticons.

The new update now allows users to sign into Skype with a Microsoft account details.

Once you have signed into Skype using your Microsoft account or your information including history and contacts will be synchronised and merged into your Skype account. About the emoticons support, conventional wisdom explains that these things are tiny and therefore would look odd animated in low-res. However, resolution limitations don’t bother some other chat programs concerning animated emoticons. Together, the ability to edit individual messages by simply tapping and holding down on the message, as well as the addition of emoticons.

You will be able to manage your contacts in a quick way, now an easier method arrived to edit saved phone numbers right from the dial pad. Check out the Skype 4.2 for iOS changlog:

• chat with Messenger, Hotmail and contacts – sign in with and merge your Microsoft account
• new to Skype? Create a new account right from the app
• tap and hold on instant messages to edit them
• choose an emoticon while typing an instant message
• animated emoticons for devices with a Retina display
• edit saved phone numbers right from the dial pad
• bug fixes

The above mentioned enhancements are purely compatible with those available across both iPhone and iPad Skype builds, especially when you can play Skype on your iPhone 5. Pretty awesome! All in all Skype on iOS is now available for free of charge download.

(Source: Skype for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on iTunes App Store)