New Netflix App For iPhone And iPod touch Hits iOS App Store [VIDEO]

Speaking of Netflix is one of the most popular online streaming app for all the Xbox, Wii, PS3 and many other smartphone and tablet devices. Today, Netflix has announced that they are releasing a new iPhone and iPod touch application.

The new Netflix iPhone app works with both iDevices running on iOS 5 and above, compatible to iOS 6? Netflix is such an application considered by millions of members thos use their smartphones to instantly watch movies and TV shows anywhere anytime.

The company said that they are working on improving the experiences as well, so that Netflix members discover more great titles and watch more. They are happy enough to announce the launch of a fully loaded new Netflix experience for iPhone and iPod touch. Here’s what they explains:

Compared to the previous version, the new Netflix experience on iPhone and iPod touch is much more immersive. You will see many more titles and galleries than we have ever shown before on a smartphone. It is much closer to the Netflix experience on tablets, which got a major upgrade late last year.

At the top of the new browse screen on iPhone and iPod touch is a row that lets you continue watching shows or movies that you previously started watching right where you left off, a very handy feature. Lower down in the new experience are several personalized rows filled with movie and TV show recommendations.”

In order to get more detailed information on this official new Netflix app for iOS devices, please feel free to visit the Netflix blog. The new Netflix experience is available for iPhone and iPod Touch devices using iOS v5.0 and above. Download the new Netflix v2.3 iPhone experience today in the App Store.

(Source: official Netflix appĀ  for iPhone and iPod touch from iTunes Store)