Apple Releases The New iPad Smart Case, Protects Entire Device From Dents and Scratches

After announcing all the major products along with software-related (iTunes with iOS 6) and hardware (MacBook Pro) at WWDC 2012, Apple quitely introduced with a new smart cover for its iPad. Unlike the previous official covers, which only being protected the screen, the new one protects the backplate as well, and that retails for a reasonable $49.

The first iteration for Apple’s tablet collection was released back in 2010, and the Smart Cover has long enough provided iPad users with an amazing way to protect their devices. By shielding the screen from dust and dirt, it also puts the device into sleep mode automatically when covering the 9.7-inch display. Amongst all those added a bonus that the cover rolls back to create a trainagle shape from which the device can stand still freely.

Offcial one means more reliable and with this great deal Apple has gone with this products over a past couple of hours, and however WWDC will obviously not be remembered as the day in which Tom Cook’s company released a more substantial smart cover, but it’ll certainly offer those rocking the iPad 2/3 a better coating to repel those busty scratches and scares.

There are plenty of bloggers and general video sharing site owners who take pleasure in shooting, dropping, and submerging iPads into lava or water, while users like us like to keep our Apple tablet clean and scratchless condition as possible, becuase it costs more than a professional monthly income, isn’t it!

It comes with six different bright colors, and you wish to get on your hands then its ready for shipping. With only a polyurethane version (no deluxe leather yet) – still retains the thin, light design of iPad – it folds easily into a stand for reading, typing, and watching video. And it automatically wakes and sleeps iPad on open and close.

And you can personalize it with free laser engraving option and want to improve the current iPad case, head over to on the Apple Online Store. Protect your tablet right now purchasing the iPad Smart Cover at reasonable $49!